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Authors: Yan Pei Song, Hui Gai Wang, Zhi Ming Feng, Zhen Kai Zhao
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The scrap WCP/Fe-C composites were re-melted in a 50 kg medium frequency induction furnace. A regenerated composites ring was...
Authors: Xue Fei Shen, Tao Chen, Ning Liu
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:ITO electrode patterns were fabricated using excimer laser direct-writing technique. The influence of the process parameters (the excimer...
Authors: Qiang Zhang, Fu Rong Liu, Ji Min Chen
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:In this paper the research focused on the viability of using the selective laser sintering (SLS) technique for creating tissue engineer (TE)...
Authors: Tong Xin, Zhou Hong, Liu Min
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The past studies indicated that thermal fatigue resistance of cast irons could be improved by partly laser melting treatment. However the...
Authors: Jin Yue Dai, Yan Hu Zhang, Zu Quan Wang, Xi Jun Hua, Yong Hong Fu
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Laser surface texturing improved tribological property is regarded as an optimistic method. However, many technological parameters have...
Authors: Chang Jun Chen, Qin Cao, Min Zhang, Qing Ming Chang, Shi Chang Zhang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Laser cladding has been taken into consideration for repairing K418 Ni-based superalloy material with CoCrNiW powder.Composition of cladding...
Authors: Yan Li Li, Ren Xu Huang, Pei Zhong Zhao, De Xian Yi
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:30CrMnSi is quenched and tempered steel with medium hardenability, and good mechanical properties. However, the anti-corrosion of the weld...
Authors: Zbigniew Brytan, Mirosław Bonek, Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Wojciech Pakieła
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Laser surface remelting and alloying of sintered stainless steel type 410L with FeNi and Ni have been studied for improvement of corrosion...
Authors: Chang Jun Chen, Qin Cao, Xing Xu, Min Zhang, Shi Chang Zhang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Laser surface cladding was carried out on a Mg-Al-Zn system ZM5 magnesium alloy with a mixture of Al and nano-Al2O3...
Authors: Zhen Kai Xu, Kai Wang, Min Feng Jiang, Yang Hu, Cheng Zhang, Pin Li, Hui Xia Liu
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:In order to determine the optimum joint conditions, four key process parameters affecting the joint quality of laser transmission joint of...
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