Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Hai Cheng, Ye Ping Zhou, Qiang Wei, Yi Ping Chen, De An Hu

Abstract: Uni-axial hot tensile tests were used to investigate the transverse superplastic deformation of laser welded Ti-6Al-4V sheet....

Authors: Chen Jing Lv, Shu Xia Ren, Xiu Shu Tian

Abstract: The influence of Silica fume/Nanosilica on the Performance of phosphoaluminate cement was studied in the paper. The microstructure and...

Authors: Xu Wang, Fu Mei Wang

Abstract: In order to measure the friction force between skin and varied wet knitted fabrics, it was proposed that the complete wetting fabrics could...

Authors: You Qiang Wang, Mei Shu Wang

Abstract: Water lubricated rubber bearing is one of the most appropriate bearings widely used in submerged pump for drainage. The apparatus for...

Authors: Yan Qiu Xia, Xin Feng

Abstract: In this paper, nickel coatings (on phosphor bronze substrates) were prepared using pulse electrodeposition method. The friction and wear...

Authors: Jie Hu, Xi Nong Zhang

Abstract: A new method of numerical differentiation and time domain integral was proposed in this paper, its idea was originated from the analysis of...

Authors: Wei Ke, Yong Xiang Zhang, Lin Li

Abstract: Vibration signal of rolling-element bearing is random cyclostationarity when a fault develops, the proper analysis of which can be used for...

Authors: Wen Juan Jiang, Xiang Long Zhang, Wen Zhong, Qi Yue Liu

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of rail material on their wear behavior of rail-wheel system by using MMS-2A twin-disc abrasion tester....

Authors: Chun Xia Liu, Qing Feng Shen, Min Xiong, Yun Shan, Su Fang He, Yu Ping He

Abstract: A detailed investigation has been carried out to determine the inhibition behavior of a mixed additive gelatin+thiourea+cresol (GTC) on zinc...

Authors: Jin Long Liu, Hong Tao Liu, Shi Rong Ge, Chang Hui Xie

Abstract: Radar graph fractal method is an effective description for the contour of wear debris. In this paper the principle that radar graph fractal...


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