Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ren, Rui Yang, Wen Xiao Zhang

Abstract: A new topology optimization model with holes’ geometric constraints for continuum structure is presented. It is solved by an evolutionary...

Authors: Ping Liao, Su Yang Ma, Guo Qing Wu, Jing Feng Mao, An Dong Jiang

Abstract: Introduced the working principle of active magnetic bearing unit and took the electric spindle with 5.5kW for example, finite element...

Authors: Zhao Hong Xu, Cheng Li Song, Shi Ju Yan

Abstract: Minimally invasive robotic surgery has been investigated in various surgical application due to high accuracy, fine manipulation capability,...

Authors: An Lin Wang, Fan Li, Peng Yu Zan

Abstract: In order to improve the comprehensive performance of concrete truck mixer, considering the kinetics between concrete and blade, a parametric...

Authors: An Lin Wang, Zhong Qiu Shi, Cai Xing Yuan, Yu Qin Hu, Tao Jiang, Qi Zhang

Abstract: To solve the problem of piston striking cylinder and pumping insufficiency, an optimization method of concrete open-loop pumping...

Authors: Xue Qian Chen, Shi Fu Xiao, Xin En Liu

Abstract: It is difficult in finite element model(FEM) updating, because the essence is a mechanical anti-question solving. In the paper, the...

Authors: Xiao Man Liu, Guo Jun Du, Yu Da Hu, Xiao Xia Niu

Abstract: The nonlinear forced vibration of damped circular sandwich plates is studied. From the movement equations of circular sandwich plate...

Authors: Qiong Fen Wang, Yuan Cai Liu, Liang Cao, Ji Yao, Jian Feng Huang

Abstract: Calculations of the end-plate semi-rigid joints are carried out with a FE-program ANSYS. Some results of the calculations are introduced in...

Authors: Qian Lin, Ze Yao Xu, Jian Lin Zhang

Abstract: Many new control techniques and energy dissipation systems which can decrease the response of wind vibration and earthquake. But there is...

Authors: Ling Hua Xiong, Fan Wang

Abstract: Stess spectrum serves as prerequisite of analysis on fatigue failure, which is the major cause of malignant industrial accident. The dynamic...


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