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Authors: Wei Wu, Ling Yun Zhu, Guang Feng Wu, Hui Bin Xu
Welding & Joining
Abstract:The joint property of aldary (T3 copper, B5 cupronickel and H96 brassiness) with 35CrMnSi by the use of inertial radial friction welding...
Authors: Xian Liang Zhang, Rong Fa Chen, Liang Gang Dai, Tao Liu, Yi Pan
Welding & Joining
Abstract:Tube and shell condenser is an important component of soybean softening equipment, and its structure is Q235B welding with 304 austenitic...
Authors: Shao Peng Song, Zhuo Xin Li, Guo Dong Li, Tian Li Zhang
Welding & Joining
Abstract:The effect of welding heat input ranging from 1.507 KJ/mm to 2.987KJ/mm on low temperature toughness of deposited metal made by self-shielded...
Authors: Azmal Bin Sabil, Nangkula Utaberta
Welding & Joining
Abstract:‘Tanggam’ system is a main method of joining woods which is applied in Malay traditional building. it works by connecting two small...
Authors: Ling Dong Meng, Zhi Jie Liang, Qing Zhang, Jun Wei Yang
Welding & Joining
Abstract:High energy pulse precision cold–welding technology is a new welding technology that using high-energy pulsed, which arc produced between...
Authors: Lijun Liu, Xian Yi Li, Hong Ming Gao
Welding & Joining
Abstract:The welding seam identifying(WSI) is one of remote welding precondition. The welding seam is usually identified by vision sensor. The...
Authors: Ke Ping Geng, Sheng Sun Hu, Jun Qi Shen, Jian Han, Hai Gang Xu
Welding & Joining
Abstract:21% Cr with Ti-Nb dual stabilized ferritic stainless was welded using Nd: YAG laser. The relationship between microstructure and parameters...
Authors: Hong Xin Shi, Ran Feng Qiu, Yi Min Tu, Hua Yu, Dan Qing Yin
Welding & Joining
Abstract:The diffusion welding between aluminum alloy and steel was achieved in this study. The influence of welding temperature on the interfacial...
Authors: Jian Han, Xi Tao Gao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The tensile mechanical properties of bamboo mat and curtain plywood(for short bamboo plywood)were studied through “electrometric method”. It...
Authors: Chong Jin, Hong Wang, Xiao Zhou Xia
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Based on the superiority avoiding the matrix equation to be morbid for those fitting functions constructed by orthogonal base, the Legendre...
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