Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ying Yang, Shou Ren Wang, Bo Zhu, Lin Hou

Abstract: The study reports the sintering kinetics of Ti–48Al–2Nb-2Cr composites (TANC) with addition of different weight contents of LiF,...

Authors: Chang Yong Li, Qiu Yan Sun, Feng Lan Li

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to study the workability of fresh concrete and basic mechanical properties of hardened concrete with...

Authors: Jing Wang, Shi Jun, Xu Bing

Abstract: Using aluminum sulfate as precursor and urea as precipitator, hollow sphere boehmite was synthesized by hydrothermal treatment on 140°C for...

Authors: Hao Nan Jia, Gui E Lu, Jin Yong Jiang, Hong An Cao

Abstract: Studied the hygroscopic properties of a molded combustible cartridge case by weighing method. Investigated residue formation of cylinder...

Authors: Tie Jun Zhao

Abstract: With the increasingly aging societies coming, as a service robot, the mobile humanoid robot is worth making efforts to study. This paper...

Authors: Zhen Ying Zhang, Da Zhi Wu

Abstract: Basing on the new developed direct shear testing instrument and the tri-axial test instrument with large scale specimen, the shear strength...

Authors: Wen Chang Zhou, Yuan Liu, Wei Hua Dan

Abstract: The fibrous materials made from collagen have some shortcomings, such as its mechanical property, water-resistant and thermal-stability. So...

Authors: Jin Jun Tang, Jian Zhong Jiang, Chun Hua Tang, Da Hui Chen, Li Qun Hou

Abstract: Phase-field method can be used to describe the complicated morphologies of crystal growth without explicitly tracking the complex phase...

Authors: Ji Ping Zhang, Li Hua Tu

Abstract: Combined lifting conceptual design is put forward in the paper. Complete lifting for large subsection of large-scale ship can’t be achieved...

Authors: Feng Wu, Dian Li Qu, Zhi Jian Li, Xin Wei Li, Na Xu

Abstract: Using anatase and flake graphite as starting material, titanium nitride was prepared by carbothermal reduction nitriding method under...


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