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Authors: Wei Wu, De Lin Fan
Abstract: With the development of the economy, the positive influences of traditional beliefs on the biodiversity conservation have been ignoring and the traditional beliefs have been meeting the serious challenges since 80’s of the last century. At the same time, the biodiversity, dependent on the traditional beliefs, have been declining dramatically. From 2008 to 2009, we adopted the main research methods such as semi-structured interviews and structured interviews, collection and analysis of historical and literature, and picture recording in Dalai Lake Biosphere Reserve to carry out the research on the relationship between the biodiversity conservation and the traditional beliefs of the native people in Dalai Lake Biosphere Reserve. The results revealed that the traditional beliefs, the traditional practices and the traditional ecological knowledge have the positive influences on biodiversity conservation.
Authors: Li Qiang Zhang, Ping Huo, Yong Huang, Peng Li, Rong Yang
Abstract: In laboratory condition, industrial zirconia and alumina were used as raw materials, whose particle size was controlled by ultrafine treatment of mechanical milling. The effects of different firing temperatures and soaking times on mechanical properties of Al2O3-based composite ceramics liner were researched. And the microstructure of samples was studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicate that mechanical properties of samples kept 3 h at sintering temperature of 1600°C with adding 30 wt% zirconia are the best.
Authors: Qiu Sheng She, Zhao Hui Xie, Xiu Jie Zhang, Guan Jun Yang, Lin Na Shan
Abstract: Using light microscopy to observe the Carassius auratus, Pelophylax nigromaculata and Oryctolagus cuniculus lens on morphology and histology, measuring the thickness of each layer, layers and density of epithelial cell and the diameter of nucleus, et al. Results show that: Carassius auratus, Pelophylax nigromaculata and Oryctolagus cuniculus are siginificantly different in lens organizational structure, its visual ability shows a gradual and improving trend, it shows that the three animals have consistency on structure and function of lens with Behavioral characteristics.
Authors: Qiu Sheng She, Zhao Hui Xie, Guan Jun Yang, Xun Tian, Yin Lei Xue
Abstract: the Traditional and Degradation Preparation Methods of Chitosan Were Introduced and then the Applications and Development of Chitosan in the Environmental Protection,food Industry , Medicine Field , and Agriculture Were Reviewed , at Last , the Current Status of Chitosan in Our Country, Research and Development Prospects of Chitosan and its Derivatives Were Analysed.
Authors: Rui Ying Bai, Ji Wei Cai, Xiao Xin Feng
Abstract: Iron ore tailings, wastes of mining industry, have been widely used as manufactured sand in concrete with absence of the natural sand. In present paper, the ASR reactivity of iron ore tailings sand was assessed with rapid mortar bar method (GB/T 14684-2001). Result of a preliminary study on ASR resistance was reported. The replacement of cement by 30% Fly ash (FA), 50% ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS), 10% metakaolin (MK) and replacement of sand by 15% ground iron ore tailings (GIOT) led to the ASR-expansion to below 0.10%. Compared with replacement of cement, replacement of sand led to better performance. Further more, the fine particles less than 75μm in iron ore tailings sand are beneficial to the reduction of expansion induced by ASR.
Authors: Zhi Cheng Huang
Abstract: Taken a certain type of casting crane’s girder as research object, established its three-dimensional model by using Pro/ENGINEER software, and then import it into the ANSYS program for analysis with ANSYS data access module (DDA), integrating the analysis results and the theory of fracture mechanics, the thesis comprehensively analyzed the fatigue life of the casting crane’s girder with damnification-limit design method. It provided some theory basis and reference for casting crane’s safe operation and fatigue lift design.
Authors: Wan Qing Wu, Hong Cun Zhang, Xing Feng
Abstract: Attempt to reduce the CO2 emission from ships and sailing cost, the rate of propeller cut is calculated by established models of propeller diameter cut and propeller blade shape cut. According to the results, after cutting the edge of propeller under equal power, the rev is increased, but the open water efficiency and the speed both are decreased. However, the increase of the rev is quicker than the decrease of the speed. And the AVL BOOST is used to simulate MAN B&W 5S60MC main engine. The main running parameters under the 25%, 50%, 75% and 85% load are calculated. The result indicates that cutting the edge of propeller can increase the rev, improve lubricating and vibrating, reduce oil consumption and improve the economical efficiency.
Authors: Jiang Feng Gong, Wei Hua Zhu, Kai Xiao Zhang, Ming Yi Liu, Hai Yan Xie
Abstract: We report the synthesis and characterization of ZnS nanostructures, which were grown by thermal evaporation of the ZnS powder at high temperature using iron network as the collection substrate. Scanning electron microscopy investigations show that the products present taper-like morphologies. Transmission electron microscopy studies indicate ZnS nanostructures are well crystallized. The formation mechanism of the novel nanostructure is discussed on the basis of the experimental results; The nanostructure is formed due to a fast growth of ZnS nanowire along [0001] and the subsequent “epitaxial” radial growth of the ZnS nanocone along the six (01-10) surfaces around the nanowire. A strong room-temperature photoluminescence in ZnS nanostructures has been demonstrated.
Authors: Bao Hui Wang, Zhi Qiang Wan, Hong Jun Wu, Shu Zhi Liu, Ying Chen, Xin Sui, Dan Dan Yuan
Abstract: On the principle of surface photovoltage (SPV) and photocatalysis, an approach was proposed and developed to evaluate a photocatalytical activity of catalysts from SPV intensity measurements. By using a model case of TiO2 catalysts, the method was experimentally studied for determination and prediction of the activity by intensity of SPV responses as a parameter. It was found that the photocatalytical activity correlates well with the SPV value of catalysts. The SPV intensity as measuring parameter, with characteristics of quick, easy, non-destructive operation, may be applied efficiently to evaluate photocatalytical activity of solid materials such as mono/multi crystalline, film and particulate powder in various types, sizes and treatments.
Authors: Jian Yuan, Min Chen
Abstract: Based on maximum crack width checking of flexural member with rectangular section, the limited maximum crack width value of code was substituted into checking formula. In this paper, according to the different value scope of non-uniformly distributed strain of coefficient longitudinal tensile reinforcement, controlling equations expressed with the diameter and numbers of steel bars are derived, thus reinforcement meeting the requirement of crack width can be calculated directly according to known value. The example indicates that this method can avoid the repeated reinforcement adjustment and crack checking calculation process, and the reinforcement parameter can meet the requirements well. It may be a reference for the designers.

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