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Authors: Jun De Xing, Xiao Fei Jia
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:A series of Cu-based catalysts for the synthesis of indole by the reaction of aniline and ethylene glycol were prepared and characterized by...
Authors: Shan Jun Chen, Shan Luo Jiang, Xi Bo Li, Yong Jian Tang, Wei Guo Sun
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Ti-Al nanoparticles and have been synthesized by the flow-levitation (FL) method. The morphology, crystal structure and chemical composition...
Authors: Shu Juan Dai, Yao Liu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The N2H4–KHB reduction then CH3OH watering and H2 reduction system was used to make superfine...
Authors: Lin Chen, Yan Wang, Jian Guo Wang, Scott Ding
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:This paper established the model based on Step-by-Step forming in ABAQUS firstly, we set synchronous alternating circular motion on the upper...
Authors: Xin Gang Ai, Sheng Li Li, Nan Lv, Dong Wei Zhang, Jun Tao
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In this paper, the solidification and heat transfer of a 60t huge rectangular ingot has been simulated. The solidification rate at pouring...
Authors: Yong Rong Huang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Dial indicator can be used to adjust skateboard to turning cone. First, the characteristics of traditional methods is introduced. Then, the...
Authors: Zhi Wu Wang, Yan Lei, Wei Wang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Discrete mass gain method is adopted to determine the oxidation kinetic behaviors of 2Cr12NiMoWV steel in water vapor at 540°C and 17.5 MPa....
Authors: Sheng Kui Zhong, Yue Bin Xu, Yan Wei Li, Chang Jiu Liu, Yan Hong Li
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:LiNi0.4Co0.2Mn0.4O2 samples was synthesized via urea co-precipitation method. The XRD, SEM and...
Authors: Xin Jian Wang, Shan Shan Hao, Xin Xi, Xing Min Hou, Shu Ying Qu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In order to simplify the nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete, a new study on concrete strength criterion under tension condition is...
Authors: Hong Bo Zou, Xiao Yong Luo, Ai Jun Chen
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:According to the analysis of the current chloride ion eroding model, it has been known that diffusion coefficient and chloride ion...
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