Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Yue Sun, Ran Di Sun, Hai Yan Du

Abstract: Electron trapping materials SrS:Eu2+,Sm3+ were prepared by hydrothermal method at 200 °C for 5 h. The phase structure,...

Authors: De Qing Gan, Chao Chen, Jin Xia Zhang

Abstract: This paper discussed the experimental resuhs of exploiting brick materials with iron tailing materials in Tanshang area. Through preparation...

Authors: Jia Yue Sun, Xiang Yan Zhang, Hai Yan Du

Abstract: A blue-emitting phosphor, NaBaPO4:Eu2+, was prepared by solution combustion synthesis method, and its luminescence properties...

Authors: Jiao Jiao Wang, Chun Ying Han, Li Dan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, research was focused on the synthesis of a new efficient coagulant, boron -containing poly-silicate zinc (PSZB).The effect of...

Authors: Jia Yue Sun, Jin Li Lai, Hai Yan Du

Abstract: A series of new Na3CaB5O10:Eu3+ phosphor was synthesized by a solid-state reaction method, and...

Authors: Jia Yue Sun, Chun Cao, Hai Yan Du

Abstract: Erbium and ytterbium co-doped sodium yttrium fluoride (NaYF4:Er3+,Yb3+) was synthesized by combusting in...

Authors: Yi Chao Ding, Hong Yin, Jing Wang

Abstract: A new fabrication method for VC-Fe surface cermets by cast-sintering has been developed in the study. SEM and XRD were used to examine the...

Authors: Maria Cristina S. Ribeiro, António Fiúza, Ana Cristina Castro, Francisco G. Silva, João Paulo Meixedo, Maria Lurdes Dinis, Carlos Costa, Frederico Ferreira, Mário Rui Alvim

Abstract: In this study, the added value resultant from the incorporation of pultrusion production waste into polymer based concretes was assessed....

Authors: Jing Pei Xie, Chang Tao Zhang, Wen Yan Wang, Ai Qing Wang

Abstract: The high manganese steel composites were successfully developed by different processes. The connection of high manganese steel-ceramic, the...

Authors: Li Wang, Jian Hong Gong, Jun Gao

Abstract: We employ density functional theory to investigate TiAl3/Al interfaces with the orientation of (001)...


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