Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Rong Qin, Lei Jiang, Xi Yao Fu, Qing Wang, Hong Gui Yi

Abstract: The chemical composition of various parts of banana stem and leaf were analysed. The soda cooking and kraft cooking process of banana stem...

Authors: Feng Cao, Guo Xiang Pan, Hai Feng Chen, Pei Song Tang

Abstract: To prolong blast furnace campaign life, a great deal of research work has been carried out on the structure of stave cooler in the past...

Authors: Li Xuan Zheng, You Liang Ma

Abstract: Mechanical properties of Ni-Ti-Nb alloys taken by the different heat treatment processes and constraint reply conditions at low temperature...

Authors: Chun Yuan Wu, Qin Fen Li, Yu Bai Zhang

Abstract: This work studied the effect of basic composting parameters (C/N ratio, turning frequency and moisture), initial pH, nitrogen source and...

Authors: M. Ajaz Un Nabi, M. Imran Arshad, Adnan Ali, M. Asghar, M. A Hasan

Abstract: In this paper we have investigated the substrate-induced deep level defects in bulk GaN layers grown on p-silicon by molecular beam...

Authors: Chun Xia Zhu, Ji Man Luo, Bin Li

Abstract: Aimed at the effect problem of deformation of links on position error of parallel robot, the 3-TPT parallel robot is taken as a study...

Authors: Dao Hui Xiang, Guang Xi Yue, Xin Tao Zhi, Hai Tao Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: The orthogonal method was used for analyzing the machining performance of high volume fraction SiCp/Al metal matrix composites (SiCp/Al...

Authors: Hong Bo Liu, Feng Lin, Wu Ying Zhang, Ling Xu

Abstract: A new series of radical-cationic UV dual curable polyurethane-modified epoxy monoacrylates (PMEMA) was prepared. Radical-cationic UV dual...

Authors: Ru Qiang Huang, Shi Wen Chen, Guang Zhi Ma, Bin Wei Yang, Rui Juan Guo, Qiu Xia Li, Jian Yan Zhong

Abstract: The scales is a kind of precious resource with high nutritional value. The collagen protein from scales have a widely usage prospection in...

Authors: Dan Xiang, Yong Bin Chi, Kai Qi Huang, Wei Xu

Abstract: A new automotive varying gear ratio system(VGRS)is introduced in this paper. Based on the analysis of foreign advanced theory in this field,...


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