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Authors: Ai Min Yang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The effect on heterogeneous nucleation of solute segregation was studied with segregating energy and segregating coefficient. The results...
Authors: Rui Lin, Zheng Guo Yan, Tao Liu, Jing Kun Yu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Based on approximation principle, water model experiment was carried out during teeming in a 60t steel ladle. Based on the previous research...
Authors: Suo Wen Gao, Yong Lai Kang, Hai Bo Zhao
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The viscoplastic behavior of the fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites under the thermomechanical loading is discussed in this study. The...
Authors: Yong Yuan, Yang Chi
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Concrete member is usually stressed in structure. To test permeable behavior of concrete under load is significant in clarifying this...
Authors: Yong Wang, Shou Ren Wang, Ru Ma, Li Ying Yang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Using optical microscopy, electron backscatter diffraction and transmission electron microscopy, the static recrystallization (SRX)...
Authors: Hui He, Jian Chen, Shuang Fei Wang, Feng Wen, Yong Hong Li, Hong Xiang Zhu, Ying Hui Wang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In this paper, the synthesis techniques of cationic cellulose by microwave irradiation method with bleached sulphate wood pulp and...
Authors: Shu Jing Su, Jian Yun Ren, Su Hua Liu, Hai Guang Yang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:This paper presents an automatic test system which can output one 2Mbit / S PCM signals and one 10.2Mbit / S PCM signals for the device...
Authors: Guo Biao Lin, Zi Dong Wang, Hong Zhang, Rui Gong, Lin Yang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:By using vacuum melting, nitrogen protection and a high molten flow rate during pouring, many nano-TiN particles with the size of 20~100nm...
Authors: Chi Ma, Er Fan Chen, Ting Sun, Jun Xu, Wei He, Na Li
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:A novel kind of damping composite was prepared with polyester-type polyurethane/epoxy and functional inorganic particle, and the dynamic...
Authors: Hua Shen, Wei Dong Yang, He Liang, Guang Chun Yao
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The presence of Fe and harmful effects on mechanical properties of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys are introduced. Several purification...
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