Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wern Shiarng Jou, Chih Feng Hsu, Yu Kun Yeh

Abstract: The properties of a silicone-based elastomeric thermal pad filled with inexpensive ceramic additives were studied in this research. The...

Authors: Zhi Yong Jia

Abstract: Single crystalline Cd(OH)2 low-dimensional nanostructures, such as nanowires, nanobelts, and nanorolls have been controlled synthesized...

Authors: Li Liu

Abstract: Silicon dioxide-based nanocomposites offer large loading capacity for various doping chemicals or molecular complexes, high surface to...

Authors: Yi Xue Wang

Abstract: Since rapid development of wireless network technologies and individuals and enterprises’ urgent demands on application of wireless network,...

Authors: Chao Lung Hwang, Chun Tsun Chen, Le Anh Tuan Bui, Fondly Reymont Kurniawan

Abstract: This study is mainly to investigate the early age cracking due to the addition of silica fume (SF) into concrete and to propose Densified...

Authors: Lian Min Cao, Xi Wei Wang, Qing Liang Zeng

Abstract: This thesis presents and summarizes the theory of multi-domain feature mapping in details and provides a basis of the conversion from design...

Authors: Yong Wei Zhu, Xing Lei Miao, Chao Feng Zhang

Abstract: The micro-PECM (Pulse Electrochemical Machining) combining synchronous ultrasonic vibration is proposed as a new technology for to solve the...

Authors: Jian Hua Du, Yuan Yuan Li, Xiao Hui Zheng

Abstract: Copper coated nano-SiO2 composite particles were prepared by mechanical milling technology. The effects of milling time on...

Authors: Peng Han, Tian Hao Ji, Li Li

Abstract: Graphene/CdS-nanobelt nanocomposites were prepared using a simple mixing process of graphene with CdS nanobelts in distilled water at room...

Authors: Na Liu, Guo Zhi Xu, Li Li, Tian Hao Ji

Abstract: Fe-doped anatase TiO2 nanobelts were prepared using layered titanate nanobelts as precursor by two-step hydrothermal process....


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