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Authors: Li Cheng, Chao Gao, Jing Sheng Shen, Ning Li, Wei Chen, Quan Tong Li
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:According to the loading characteristics of engine blades, a vibration bending fatigue system by using the ultrasonic fatigue test technique...
Authors: Shang Lei Yang, Feng Guang Hu, Qing Lin Lin
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:By using laser cladding technology, a nano-Y2O3/Co-based composite coating was prepared in the Ni-based alloys...
Authors: Qi Xin Wan, Lan Li Chen, Zhi Hua Xiong, Dong Mei Li
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The formation energy and electronic structures of Fluorine-doped ZnO have been calculated by the first principles. The calculated results...
Authors: Zhi Hua Xiong, Lan Li Chen, Qi Xin Wan
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:We have performed a study on La heavily doped ZnO, based on the first principles. The calculated results show that with the increase of...
Authors: Wen Hui Mo
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Reliability optimization design of the gear box is proposed. It includes an objective function, 30 design variables and 52 constraints. It is...
Authors: Yu Zheng, Jian Duan
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Micro V-groove is an important optical component in the packaging of optoelectronic devices, which holds the position of the optical fibers....
Authors: Wen Yong Liu, Peng Yang, Yong Zhang, Yong Ye An
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:This essay is the subject of national eleventh five support schemes: The analysis of key technology on emission reduction and comprehension...
Authors: Jian Li, Jun Zhang
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Aiming at the stress state in the hot-extrusion process of Mo powder, the paper has studied the 3D stress characteristics provided by the...
Authors: Mohammad Moazami Goudarzi, Farshad Akhlaghi
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In the present investigation, the in-situ powder metallurgy (IPM) method was utilized to synthesis aluminum alloy matrix composite powders...
Authors: Jie Li, Li Li Hu, Li Qin, Jun Liu, Rui Ping Tao, Xi Ning Yu
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In order to solve the active vibration control of piezoelectric smart structures, focus problems on the structural analysis of the dynamic...
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