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Authors: Liu Zhao, Zhi Hong Ma, Dong Wang, Li Gang Pan, Ji Hua Wang
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:Sample preparation is always a bottleneck in system for chemical analysis. In recent years, the development of methodologies for...
Authors: Jin Hai Gao, Zhen Li, Wu Qing Zhang
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:The carbon complex film, Which consists of diamond grains, carbon nanotubes, amorphous carbon composition, were fabricated by microwave...
Authors: Hui He, Peng Tao Sun, You Sheng Xu
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a three-dimensional, complex seepage model of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is studied, the corresponding...
Authors: Jian Feng Ju, Dong Hui Wu, Yu Jun Shi
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:PVP/ZnO-TiO2 composite nanofibers were prepared by Sol-gel processing followed by electrospinning technique using...
Authors: Yan Jiang, Ye Hong Wang, Li Jiang
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:The length of a single fiber of hemp is 18mm or so, which is somewhat lower than that of flax. So it is possible to make the spun yarn with...
Authors: Yu Jun Gou, Zhong Liang Liu, Xiao Hui Zhong
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:A new cooling concept for high power LED by combining the heat release of high power LED with two-phase heat transfer heat pipes was...
Authors: Li Hong Bai, Hong Qin Yu
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:Light weight , softness and comfort are becoming the development priority for the bast fabrics for apparel use. Therefore, some properties of...
Authors: Yang Liu, Jie Li, Zhi Juan Pan
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:Consecutive PA6/MWNTs nanofiber filaments were successfully fabricated by an improved electrospining method in this paper. The microstructure...
Authors: Xiao Lei Song, Wei Li, Jia Yi Chen, Dong Kai
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:This research works for plain stitch of weft knitted stitch, mainly introduced the curling property of plain stitch and it’s influence...
Authors: Qian Liu, Hong Sun, Zheng Nan Jin, Li Hua Luan
Chapter 6: Surface Technology
Abstract:Electrochemical impedance (EI) plays a very important role on the characteristics of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. In this paper,...
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