Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Tian, Sheng Zhao Yuan, Jing Lan Sun, Xiang Jian Meng, Jian Lu Wang, Jing Yang, Wei Bai, Jun Hao Chu

Abstract: The effect of the thickness on the dielectric and ferroelectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride trifluoroethylene) [P(VDF-TrFE)]...

Authors: Li Hao Han, Zhi Guo Luo, Xiao Lei Zhou, Zhan Xia Di, Jun Jie Sun, Zong Shu Zou, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: The cohesive zone plays very important role in the operation of COREX melter gasifier, up to now, definition of the cohesive boundary has...

Authors: Chen Hong Ren, Ying Ying Gu, Zhi Wei Guo, Kai Feng

Abstract: NiCr nano oxides have been synthesized by impregnation method and were used as the anode electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel...

Authors: Huan Xue, Rong Feng Li, Rui Ge, Hong Chuan Zhu, Wen Jie Peng

Abstract: The stress superimposing testing method of residual stress is different from the stress releasing way. A new stress field is introduced...

Authors: Xin Xiang Zhou, Yu Cui, Nan Nan Ren, Yan Ling Tang, Shu Jun Guo, Rong Liang Tian

Abstract: This paper takes the boom of truck-mounted concrete pump from a company as the study subject. After analyzing its working station, it can be...

Authors: Yu Zhu Zhang, Tie Lei Tian, Hong Wei Xing, Jie Li, Lei Sun

Abstract: To introduce the situation of removal phosphorus from steel slag at present, the existence of phosphorus in the steel slag was analyzed. The...

Authors: Wei Kong, Yong Ling Yu, Li Hua Lv

Abstract: Process of the separation of waste polyester-cotton fiber with dilute hydrochloric acid was studied. Acid mass fraction, reaction time,...

Authors: Zhen Yang Zhu, Sheng Qiang, Min Zhi Liu, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: Using low placement temperature and proper water pipe cooling water, the cracks are rarely appears in the interior of the dam, but the...

Authors: Ai Min Deng, Lian Meng Gou, Dao Yuan Xu

Abstract: Taking into account the initial damage and the accumulation of damage of concrete, Mazars damage model was modified. Based on the modified...

Authors: Yu Lin Qiao, Shan Lin Yang, Yan Zang, Dong Wang

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration friction and wear experiments were carried out by MFT-R4000 reciprocating friction and wear tester bonded with...


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