Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Qing Xu, Hong Zhou, Chang Jin

Abstract: In this paper, we use Acoustical BEM to predict the muffling effect of an air filter improvement with Helmholtz resonator of a domestic...

Authors: Yang Jun Meng, Xian Yan Zhou

Abstract: From an analysis of random process with modal analysis method, formulas of related parameters for an analysis of structural dynamic...

Authors: H. Hoornahad, E. A. B. Koenders

Abstract: The mechanical performance and durability of hardened granular- cement paste material such as mortar and concrete are affected by its...

Authors: H Hoornahad, E. A. B. Koenders

Abstract: Fresh granular-pasty materials are considered as an intermediate class between solid and fluid. These materials are capable of showing their...

Authors: Xiao Jie Xu, Xi Yan Dong

Abstract: Aiming at the installation location measuring requirement of cone rod located at some kind of laser target for inertial confinement fusion,...

Authors: Wei Nan Ye, Ji Hong Dong, Xiao Wei Chen

Abstract: For any On-orbit Space camera, the influence of flutter on the imaging process of TDICCD space camera is inevitable, thus causing the...

Authors: Xiao Hao Li, Jie Liu

Abstract: Based on the dynamic model of the nonlinear vibration system which driven by double exciting motors, the rotate speed difference and phase...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Da Li Chen, Hong Jian Zhao

Abstract: From the theory of structure-bone sound radiation, the properties of vibration and noise of scroll compressor are analyzed, and the...

Authors: Rong Gang Li, Xiao Feng Xie, Chuan Shan Zhao

Abstract: The effect of flotation parameters such as flotation consistency, temperature, flotation time, air to pulp ratio, velocity of pulp flow...

Authors: Hui Xian Zhang, Zi Ming Kou, Juan Wu, Chun Yue Lu

Abstract: To study artificially produced and actively controlled water hammer wave caused by hydraulic vibration exciter, a mathematical model was...


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