Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Min Lv, Chun Juan Shi

Abstract: The tension-torsion thin walled tube specimens were used as the researching object in this paper. The method of determination to the...

Authors: Sai Wei, Zhao Hui Zhang, Xiang Bo Shen, Fu Chi Wang, Shu Kui Li

Abstract: An electrical – thermal coupled finite element model (FEM) is developed to investigate the temperature distribution during spark plasma...

Authors: Peng Fei Wei

Abstract: A self-built broadband tunable infrared source is introduced here, and its notable merits are all-optical and high-conversion-efficiency....

Authors: Yong Xiang Yang, Guo Liang Zhu, Yan Ping Xiao

Abstract: Fiber metal laminates provide superior mechanical properties over conventional metal alloys. However, they show a very poor recyclability...

Authors: Bo He, Wan Sheng Nie, Song Jiang Feng, Guo Qiang Li

Abstract: The splitting-operator method has been widely used in the numerical simulation of complex combustion system with its high computation...

Authors: Ru Tao Zhong, Zhi Jun Huang, Yu Tao Wang

Abstract: Focused on the question of laser welding break of hot rolling strip steel JZZ, The causings of defect of laser welding were studied...

Authors: Ya Jun Wang, Wo Hua Zhang, Wei Liang Jin, Chang Yu Wu, Da Chun Ren

Abstract: Inclusive of the consideration for Solid-Liquid double phase character of dike construction, fuzzy comprehensive judgement system model was...

Authors: C. Y. Chiu, M.Y. Lu, L.W. Tsay

Abstract: Notched tensile strength (NTS) of the Ti-6Al-4V (Ti-6-4) to Ti-6A16V-2Sn (Ti-6-6-2) dissimilar laser welds were determined, which had been...

Authors: Qing Qing Qi, Wei Rui Zhu

Abstract: Bio-remediation of urban rivers is an important issue that has aroused extensive attention both at home and abroad. The ecological...

Authors: Zhi Yan Cheng

Abstract: Dry-film and zinc-phosphate (Zn-P) lubricants were compared for potential applications of dry-film lubricant in tube cold forming processes...


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