Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jie Li, Yan Rui Zhang, Bing Bing Shen, Hai Xia Bi

Abstract: This paper is aimed at dedicated computer case. The solid models of dedicated computer were built by three-dimensional mechanical design...

Authors: Yu Lian Zhang, Hai Zhang

Abstract: The hydraulic hatch cover is used to seal rainwater and to carry container and weather loads. The method of optimization theory based on...

Authors: Yu Jing Jia, Yuan Bo Cheng

Abstract: This paper introduces a special drill machine for machining flange hole. Base on design project Specifications, discussed system compose and...

Authors: Jian Qiang Wang

Abstract: Treating high speed milling theory as the guidance, this paper researched high speed milling process of bracket part based on Pro/E....

Authors: Jun Yang

Abstract: In order to increase the safety and reliability of hoister in operation, this paper studies a new monitoring system for mine hoister, and G...

Authors: Hong E Luo, Jin Liang Gu, Ping Chen, Yan Xia, Bao Ming Li

Abstract: In the shadow photograph system in ballistics range, the exposure time of the CCD cameras is a very important parameter. The method to...

Authors: Kai An Yu, Yu Yu Wang, Ke Yu Chen

Abstract: In order to make the structure design of winch drum reasonable and reduce the gross mass of winch, the main components of storage winch were...

Authors: Jun Jun Qin, Yang Yin, Cui Yun Dong

Abstract: Aiming at the question of high-speed spindle’s long development cycle, take the structural design and the performance analysis of cnc...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Ai Qing Wu, Zhi Hong Dong

Abstract: The invert arch floor of large plunge pool is composed of some discrete arch blocks divided by construction joints. The joint is only 1 mm...

Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Huan Chen, Rui Zhen Gao

Abstract: In this paper an improved genetic algorithm based on the simplex self-mapping fixed point algorithm is proposed. With this algorithm, the...


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