Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Guo Wang, Ran Li, Wei Sun, Thomas H. Hyde

Abstract: The prevention of fatigue failure is an important consideration in the design of aeroengine shafts. In this paper, based on the elastic and...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Hai Bo Qi, Hao Zhu

Abstract: Composite materials (55 vol.% SiCp/A356) were brazed by filling with a Zn-based alloy with the assistance of ultrasonic waves. 37...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Shu Xia Yu

Abstract: Beijing suffers a great road transport problems, including environment pollute, congestion, and etc. A research supported by the national...

Authors: Tao Feng, Jing Wang, Bin Liu, Xue Wu, Nan Li

Abstract: A method to calculate the radiation sound power from the sound source characteristic of the duct component is developed here; The...

Authors: Ren Hui Tian, Qiao Lin Ouyang, Qing Yuan Wang

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of plasma nitriding treatment on fatigue behavior of titanium alloys, very high cycle fatigue tests were...

Authors: Yien Tyng Looi, Rafiza Ramli, Muhammad Bisyrul Hafi Othman, Zulkifli Ahmad

Abstract: A series of hydrosilyl-terminated polydimethyl-siloxane (HTP) of different molecular weight was cross-linked with...

Authors: Dong Yu Ji, Wen Liang Ma

Abstract: This paper adopt universal finite element calculation software to carry out force analysis for Shunqiao trench-buried inverted...

Authors: Zhi Xin Huang, Cai Fu Qian, Peng Liu, Xu Liang Deng, Qing Cai, Xiao Ping Yang

Abstract: Three-dimensional digital oral treatment technology based on anatomical features of jaw bone and teeth was applied for modeling. Three...

Authors: Shinn Liang Chang, Cho Pei Jiang, Feng Ying Tasi, Xin Bao Hong, Chen Cheng Chi, Cji Wei Shao

Abstract: In this paper, the CAD/CAM of tooth profiles of DIN, BS, JIS S, and JIS U sprockets are investigated. In order to verify the process and...

Authors: Dong Yu Ji, Wen Liang Ma

Abstract: In this paper, finite element simulative analysis is proceeded for reinforced concrete face rockfill dam of Qianqiao reservoir. Deducing...


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