Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Teng Liu, Gui Ying Sha, He Nan Wang, Xiao Lei Wang, Tao Yu, Yu Hong Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the impact deformation behavior of the as-rolled and annealed Mg-3%Li-1%Nd alloy was investigated by using the Hopkinson...

Authors: Wan Kun Wang, Jin Hui Peng, Ze Biao Zhang

Abstract: The paper overviewed the recovery methods of germanium, summarized the feature of those methods such as leaching with sulphuric acid,...

Authors: Wen Jie Wu, Da Gui Huang

Abstract: Fault feature extraction using wavelet decomposition and probabilistic neural network fault diagnosis technology is presented in this paper....

Authors: Nan Wang, Zong Shu Zou, Zhan Zhang, Yan Xiao, Yong Yang

Abstract: To provide essential data for an efficient utilization of vitrified bottom ash slag, the thermodynamic properties of the...

Authors: Zhi Jian Zhang, Joong Kuen Park

Abstract: The Cockcroft-Latham (CL) damage factor has been calculated, using FEM simulation, during equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) of strain...

Authors: Zhen Tian, Qing Xian Yu, Min Chen

Abstract: The composition change of slag and alloy phases were investigated during the process of selective reduction by thermodynamic calculating the...

Authors: Song Sheng Li, Hua Wei Mao, Ping Chen, Xiao Huang, Peng Zhou, Jian Chen

Abstract: A novel method, aiming at solving the problem that the ultra-high-speed electric spindle tends to vibrate as its stiffness is small, using...

Authors: Hai Jun Zhao, Jia Dong Chang, Hong Jie Zhao

Abstract: Presence problem of exhaust muffler is anal sized, using three three-dimension numerical calculation of fluid and sound field improvement on...

Authors: Zi Qi Li, Yan Yan Fan

Abstract: Bridge is an important part of transport system, especially for the long-span bridges of important route. And it belongs to the lifeline...

Authors: Xin Liu, Dian Li Qu, Zhi Jian Li

Abstract: This paper deeply studied the limitation of evaluating the thermal shock resistance of Al2O3-SiO2 refractory by...


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