Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Hui Xian Zhang, Juan Wu, Chun Yue Lu

Abstract: A vibration wave generated actively by hydraulic vibration exciter was studied, and an experimental system based on the theory of water...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng

Abstract: A one degree of freedom nonlinear dynamics model of self-excited vibration induced by dry-friction is built firstly, the numerical method is...

Authors: Cong Ling Zhou

Abstract: In this study, fatigue tests have been performed using two kinds of specimens made of 25 steel. One is pre-strained specimen with pre-strain...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng, Jun Wei Li

Abstract: A two degrees of freedom nonlinear dynamics model of self-excited vibration induced by dry-friction of brake disk and pads is built firstly,...

Authors: Yan Ping Xiao, Yong Xiang Yang

Abstract: In photovoltaic industry during wafer sawing significant amount of solar grade silicon is getting lost into sawing slurry. In the present...

Authors: Qiao Xing Li, Bao Hua Qiang

Abstract: Extension theory is the theoretical foundation of artificial intelligence and widely used in many fields such as optimal estimation and...

Authors: Xiao Su Tong

Abstract: luster is an important surface property of the fabric material. Even if the same weave and color of the fabrics, the different appearances...

Authors: Jin Song Zhuang, Yi Jian Huang, Fu Sen Wu

Abstract: Block forming machine, as a kind of automatic equipments, can quickly compact blocks. Higher-order spectrum analysis emerges as a new...

Authors: Shuo Wang, Dong Yang Li, Hai Tao Liu

Abstract: To study the deformation and fracture form of double-deck metal cylindrical tube under inside-explosive loading,the numerical simulation of...

Authors: Hong Hai Xu, Xiao Li Zheng

Abstract: The finite element model of grinding wheel carriage on glass edging machine was established, some key mechanical joints such as ball lead...


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