Manufacturing Science and Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 295-297

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiu Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, innovative design of printing-like effect digital jacquard fabric based on layered-combination design mode is introduced with...

Authors: Gui Zhen Li, Jie Li, Qiao Jiang, Jun Liu

Abstract: SINS algorithm and its application have made rapid development. The application of hardware simulation of strap-down navigation algorithm...

Authors: Xue Mei Li, Fan Zhang Yan, Kun Xu

Abstract: Mass Customization (MC) has already become a main production mode of enterprises. In this production mode, enterprises can meet the...

Authors: Xiao Wei Jiang

Abstract: Since the modeling design of table lamp is ignored for a long time, this paper analyzes the significance of modeling design of table lamp....

Authors: Xue Tao Pan, Mei Feng Zhang, Jian Wen Cai

Abstract: For the lack of the traditional calibration methods of the sensor static and dynamic characteristic parameters, the software of parameter...

Authors: Xian Chun Cheng, Xiao Wei Jiang, Shao Jun Liu

Abstract: Since the fitness washing machine can combine the fitness movement with the housework, this paper analyzes the design purpose and meaning of...

Authors: Qi Ping Chen, Hong Yu Shu, Kai Ren, Lai Peng

Abstract: In order to obtain good starting performance of the electric scooter driven by brushless permanent-magnet direct circuit...

Authors: Bao Shan He, Xue Qin Li, Chun Yan Zuo, Dan Wang, Jin Shui Wang

Abstract: Based on the spectral absorption/reflection principles, a home-made optic sensor which included substrate, filtration membrane, reaction...

Authors: Zhong Yi Ren

Abstract: Both the industrial sector and the academic study is the single-arc and double-arc gear at present, that is, tooth profile curve are...

Authors: Dong Wang, Zhi Hong Ma, Li Gang Pan, Ping Han, Liu Zhao, Xiao Ting Li, Ji Hua Wang

Abstract: MIR/NIR micro-imaging can supply not only the spectra information but also the spacial distribution information, which is superior to the...


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