Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Juan Xie, Wei Ling Zhao, Jia Zhang, Jin Hui Liu

Abstract: Binding additives used in selective laser sintering (SLS) of metal powders determine the vital performance of untreated metal prototypes....

Authors: Y.X. Yao, Jin Guang Du, Jian Guang Li, H. Zhao

Abstract: Mill-grinding experiments were carried out on SiCp/Al to investigate effects of mill-grinding parameters and grinding wheel parameters on...

Authors: Yan Qiong Fei, Wei Yang, Jiang Yu

Abstract: Self-reconfigurable modular robots consist of many identical modules. By changing the connections among modules, the whole configuration of...

Authors: Jing Tang, Li Jun Yang, Bing Hui Liu, Yang Wang

Abstract: By applying the direct calculation of Maxwell stress tensor using three-dimensional finite difference time domain method, the feasibility of...

Authors: Jin Qiang Du, Yu Ting He, Hua Ding, Hai Wei Zhang, Li Ming Wu

Abstract: A finite element model of an eddy current sensor array is built up by electromagnetic-circuit couple method, and the influences of crack...

Authors: Yan Gang Wei, Yan Kui Liu, Xiu Juan Zhang

Abstract: The finite element method is adopted to analyze the pre-loaded cylindrical roller bearings according to the theory of contact mechanics. The...

Authors: Hong Zeng, Qi Gao, Wen Guang Zhang, Yan Li

Abstract: The three-dimensional parametric model of spiral bevel gear was built based on Pro/E, The parametric model was converted to Patran, and the...

Authors: Guo Jie Chen, Chun Xia Wang

Abstract: The application of Yolico YD5000 series YD5200 frequency converter in mine hoist is presented. The parallel Yolico YD5200 energy feedback...

Authors: Jiang Zhu, Yuichi Takekuma, Tomohisa Tanaka, Yoshio Saito

Abstract: Currently, design and processing of complicated model are enabled by the progress of the CAD/CAM system. In shape measurement, high...

Authors: Lei Wang, Jian Jun Zhu, Wei Zhang, Xing Mei Feng, Zhan Ying Feng

Abstract: Several rotating rates and welding speeds were chosen to joint 6063/3A21 dissimilar aluminum alloys, tensile strength of the welds were...


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