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Authors: Hong Xiang Wang, Jing Hu, Yuan Yuan Ma, Qing He

Abstract: This paper presents a vibrator of linear standing wave ultrasonic driving. The driving vibrator works with in-plane bending vibration modes...

Authors: Varunee Premanond, Pongpan Kaewtatip, Nutthanun Moolsradoo, Anak Khantachawana, Komgrit Lawanwong

Abstract: Anisotropic behaviors of high strength steel grade SPFH590 and HPFC780 used extensively in automotive industry are explored. V-bending tests...

Authors: Deng Li Yi, Gui Li Yin

Abstract: As ventilation and dust removal equipment, high pressure blower is widely used in industry, but the heavy wear of impeller which is the core...

Authors: Xue Sen Chang

Abstract: In this paper, the technology based on site investigation adequately, through reading, analysis and comprehensive vast literature of shield...

Authors: Bai Zhong Wu

Abstract: One kind of cheese kneading experiment test rig was designed, which can imitates artificial kneading movement. Response surface method was...

Authors: Hai Yang Wang, Xin Chen

Abstract: Organization of information platform for manufacturing clusters is researched based on the characteristics of information. The...

Authors: Rui Shang, Sheng Yuan Li

Abstract: This article studies CAD technology and CAD system for vertical bag packaging machine of four edge-sealing based on modern design of...

Authors: Yu Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Against the problem on poor quality and inefficiency in the preparation of bio tissue micro array by hand, the one processing system of...

Authors: Qing He, Ying Hua Li, Kai Jia, L. Li

Abstract: Aiming at the ultrasonic vibration polishing technology of silicon wafer, this paper proposes a disc-shaped ultrasonic piezoelectric...

Authors: Bhadpiroon Sresomroeng, Pakorn Chumrum, Varunee Premanond

Abstract: This paper aims to evaluate residual stress of coated film on cold work tool steel grade SKD11 (JIS) substrate. Four types of film coating...


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