Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Hui Tian, Shu Fen Wang, Yu Guang Li

Abstract: Kinematics simulation model of double wishbone independent suspension of a car made in China was established based on ADAMS, and the curves...

Authors: Zhu He, Qiao Zhen Shen, Bao Kuan Li, Tat Leung Chan

Abstract: In the present study, the interaction effects of different vehicle speeds and vehicular exhaust tailpipe exit velocity conditions on the...

Authors: Yu Ying Qin, Jing Qian Wang, Guo Hong Tian

Abstract: This paper discusses pseudo excitation method and constructs pseudo six-wheel pseudo excitation. For the complexity of heavy-duty truck,...

Authors: Guo Hong Tian, Xiu Chunb Wu, Xue Shenc Su, Kun Li

Abstract: The point clouds data of auto outer door panel is measured with CMM. After data processing and extracting of contour line feature, the...

Authors: Hui Jin, Chun Ling Liu, Xing Yu Wang

Abstract: Supplier evaluation and selection is one of the most important components of supply chain, which influence the long term commitments and...

Authors: Hui He, Kun Zhang, Peng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a cybernetic model of “driver-vehicle-road” closed-loop system including a driver model and a steering system model is built...

Authors: Rui Xin Bao, Yong Kui Li, Jia Li, Xin Gang Wang

Abstract: Having set up the mechanical structure motive reliability functional equation with random load. The reliability can be worked out using the...

Authors: Xiao Bin Fan, Yu Jiang, Hui Gang Wang

Abstract: The 15 degrees of nonlinear dynamic vehicle model is established, and then Dugoff and magic formula tire model are studied by comparison....

Authors: Xue Wen Chen

Abstract: As the uncertain characteristics of traffic flow in urban expressway, fuzzy control can be used as an effectual way to solve traffic...

Authors: Xin Chen, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Jia Xun Yu

Abstract: Bike rental is an important traffic mode under the low-carbon mode. Bike rental pricing is the key technology of the bike rental. In the...


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