Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Zhang, He Hui Lan, Yu Sun

Abstract: A neural adaptive controller based on System Recognition and sliding mode control theory is proposed. Matlab/Simulink simulations show that...

Authors: Yu Peng Yao, Ying Shi, Yong Ping Song

Abstract: The measurement and control system is designed to control the measuring instrument which measures the geometric parameters of rail fastening...

Authors: Hai Wei Zhang, Yu Ting He, Li Ming Wu, Qing Shao, Jin Qiang Du

Abstract: A new approach to reflect the relation of aircraft structural calendar life and fatigue life is established by pre-corrosion and fatigue...

Authors: Li Ming Wu, Yu Ting He, Hai Wei Zhang, Rong Hong Cui, Jin Qiang Du

Abstract: The finite element model of a symmetric tapered attachment lug is built by using the finite element software ANSYS, a cosine pin-bearing...

Authors: Yu Yang He, Xiao Xiong Jin, Huan Wei

Abstract: Automotive low frequency noise is difficult to control in a traditional way. Locally resonant phononic crystals (PCs) can forbid the...

Authors: Jian Feng He, Xiao Xiong Jin, Chen Yuan Hou

Abstract: The theory of tire wear computation is researched, and steady state transfer analysis and steady state rolling slippage are analyzed and...

Authors: Jian Ye Wan, Xin Jiang, Yun Peng Wang

Abstract: According to handling route of assembly line of airbag optimization problem, handling path planning mathematical model is established. Based...

Authors: Li Jun Zhang, Hong Liang Liu, Yue Zhong Li

Abstract: The rubber mount components in suspension system have great influence on ride comfort of automobile. Based on the complex stiffness model...

Authors: Shu Juan Hou, Duo Dong, Li Li Ren

Abstract: Crashworthiness is one of the most important characteristics in automobile design, which is inflected by a large number of different...

Authors: Jian Li Wang, Yu Guang Li, Shu Fen Wang

Abstract: The 3-D solid model with the software of Pro/Engineer was established. The computer aided engineering model of car seat with the methods...


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