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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Chunb Wu, Kun Li, Bo Wang, Xue Shenc Su

Abstract: Computer simulation method is used to study the relations of airbag effect and occupant position. By changing the position of 50% dummy...

Authors: Yang Shan Tang, Li Ying Wang, Chuan Yang

Abstract: This paper studies the traffic accident prevention rules of “three points and two sections”, according to a series of dynamic environmental...

Authors: Hao Liu, Hui He

Abstract: This paper presents a frequency response function method to measure the natural frequency of automotive engine valve springs with respect to...

Authors: Xiao Li Lu, Dian Chao Wang

Abstract: This paper built a road network evaluation system on the basis of the theory and methods of road network construction projects, and then...

Authors: Min Duan, Yang Liu, Dong Wang

Abstract: This thesis analysis the work course of the system, the match of major part, a fuzzy method for controlling the engine coolant temperature...

Authors: Jing Shi, Li Shi

Abstract: The batteries charging management system monitories and controls the batteries charging process, which can prevent battery from over charge,...

Authors: Shu Wen Zhou, Si Qi Zhang, Guang Yao Zhao

Abstract: Emergency braking on a low coefficient of friction or split-mu road surface, the semi-trailer may push the tractor from behind until it...

Authors: Li Xin Nie, Tian Xia Zhang, Shu Ju Wang, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: BP network could deal with some nonlinear problems such as fault diagnosis, but the gradient-based method tends to get stuck in local optima...

Authors: Wen Ge Xie, Hai Hong Wang, Xin Cai Gu, Yan Feng Guo

Abstract: This paper designs a new outlier mining algorithm based on distance through introducing the "key attribute", which reduces the amount of...

Authors: Li Ji, Hai Long Huang, Xue Feng Mei

Abstract: Some problems existing in active standard of the shape tolerance and shape error assessment are geometrical problems which are based on the...


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