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Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Chen, Qi Mei Gao, Ni Tian

Abstract: The rolling texture and its distribution along thickness direction in the Al alloy 6111 sheet cold rolled by synchronous Rolling and...

Authors: Qi Mei Gao, Ya Zhen Liu, Ni Tian

Abstract: The cold-rolled sheets of the Al-Mg-Si Alloy were annealed for recrystallization in the box furnace and the bath furnace respectively, then...

Authors: Yan Dong Jia, Zheng Wei Zhou, Yan Dong Qu, Ao Shuang Tian

Abstract: Comparative experiments on the ordinary steel fiber recycled concrete (SFRC) and roller compacted SFRC were carried out to research the...

Authors: Xue Fei Zhang, Ren Guo Guan, Tong Cui, Tian Guo Zhou

Abstract: High tensile strength Al-3Mg-0.5Sc alloy wires can be produced by a method called semi-solid continuous casting-extrusion and on-line...

Authors: Mei Zhao, Hong Xin Wang, Guang Can Jin, Jian Hua Yu

Abstract: The microstructure of as-cast state and as-aged of a Cu-0.43Cr-0.22Zr-0.092Mg alloy were analysized by TEM and HRTEM, and the formation...

Authors: Fei Li, Xia Zhao

Abstract: Based on the average atom model, the statistical values of valence electron structure (VES) parameters Δρ′, σ of homophase interface...

Authors: Gui Li Yin, Deng Li Yi, Cheng Lin

Abstract: Based on the empirical electron theory of solids and molecules (EET), the phase interface electron structure of...

Authors: Li Dai Zhou, Guo Wei Chen, Gui Li Yin

Abstract: Up to now, most of work focused on the grain boundary segregation and the cold shortness caused by non-metallic element of nitrogen had been...

Authors: Ao Shuang Tian

Abstract: The compressive strength and elastic modulus tests for two strength grade concrete specimens are carried out at different temperatures...

Authors: Ping Han, Jian Ting Guo

Abstract: The microstructure and elevated temperature mechanical behavior of as-cast, HIPed and directionally solidified NiAl-Fe(Nb) Alloys have been...


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