Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Hui Qi, Sheng Nan Ma, Jian Ting Guo

Abstract: The microstructure, high temperature tensile behavior of the DS NiAl-Cr(Mo)-W/Nb alloy have been investigated. The transverse microstructure...

Authors: Shao Feng Yan, Tong Sun

Abstract: F-doped TiO2 by hydrothermal synthesis method is prepared in this paper. By basis of sunlight and porous nickels as the carriers,...

Authors: Sen Sen Xin, Jian Xu, Feng Jun Lang, Mou Cheng Li

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel was investigated in seawater at different temperature by using cyclic anodic polarization....

Authors: Song Zhang, Hu Jiao Tang, Fang Hu, Chun Hua Zhang, Hau Chung Man, Qiao Qian Zhang

Abstract: A nitrided layer was formed on the NiTi shape memory alloy (SMA) after being irradiated by a continuous wave Nd-YAG laser in a N2...

Authors: Song Zhang, Gong You Zhou, Fang Hu, Chun Hua Zhang, Mao Cai Wang, Qiao Qian Zhang

Abstract: The temperatures inside the gas turbine reach up to 1000°C, alloys used for gas turbine components must be oxidation, and corrosion...

Authors: Chun Hua Zhang, Li Wen Tang, Fang Hu, Song Zhang, Hau Chung Man

Abstract: Titanium alloys have successfully been used as surgical implants. Laser gas nitriding (LGN) is an effective method to improve the wear and...

Authors: Chun Hua Zhang, Lin Qi, Fang Hu, Song Zhang, Mao Cai Wang

Abstract: Specific coatings are frequently used for increasing the life of mechanical parts undergoing severe corrosive and wearing environment....

Authors: Hong Bin Wang, Sheng Li Li, Chun Tang Niu

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of hot rolled steel plate strengthened complexly by titanium and molybdenum at different final...

Authors: Chun Ling Liu, Hui Jin, Chun Bao Huo

Abstract: Wind tunnel test can not simulate effectively the flow field of fuze electrical machinery at flight test conditions. In order to deeply...

Authors: Zuo Shun Zhang, Fang Lian, Hong Qiang Liao, Li Hua Xu, Xiang Yang Li, Hong Ning Zhao

Abstract: The influence of powder mixture of steel slag and blast furnace slag on the physical properties of cement paste was investigated. Besides,...


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