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Authors: Li Yuan Niu, Zi Mu Shi, Ji Jing Lin, Yong Li, Lin Chao Xu, Lan Zhao

Abstract: Foam magnesium alloy was an idea substitute of hard tissue of human bodies because its elasticity module was close to the bone of human. In...

Authors: Pei Wei Bao, Shu Ming Xing, Zhi Min Liu

Abstract: Warm deep drawing processing was used to improve the deep drawability of Twin Roll Cast AZ31B magnesium sheet. Conspicuous effects were...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhang, Qi Xian Ba, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The effect of DC gradient magnetic field and the sectional solidification on the structure of Al-Fe hypoeutectic alloy was investigated. The...

Authors: Chang Fa Li, Yu Ping Ren, Gao Wu Qin

Abstract: The equilibrium phase relationships and compositions of Ni - 51at.%Al/Ni - 26at.%Al diffusion couple heat treated at 650 °C for various...

Authors: Ying Dong Qu, Rong De Li, Yan Hua Bai, Qiang Li, Hong Wang Yang, Rui Chun Wang

Abstract: Under high pressure of more than 1GPa, the grain growing process of Zinc-Aluminium (ZA) alloy is difficult observed by experimental method,...

Authors: Li Jia He, Jian Zhong Wang, Jin Gang Qi, Hui Ling Du, Xing Jiang Liu, Bing Wang

Abstract: Hypereutectic Al-Si alloy are desirable and promising for many structural applications. The influences of electric pulse parameters on...

Authors: Y. Y. Cui, Rui Cheng Bai, A. J. Li, M. S. Ren, J. L. Sun

Abstract: The C/C-SiC composites are prepared by the reaction molten infiltration process of silicon powders, using porous C/C composites as preform....

Authors: Jing Li, Xiang Hua Liu, Bing Xin Wang, Jing Bao Lian, Wen Guang Wang

Abstract: 360MPa grade heavy plate with high performance was developed through TMCP technology. By means of tensile and charpy impact tests and...

Authors: Wei Hua Xue, Xin Ren, Zhi Yu Gao, Hai Fang Shi

Abstract: Based on the empirical electron theory in solids and molecules (EET), the statistical value of phase structure formation factor (S')...

Authors: Jing Qiang Zhang, Zi Rui Pang, Tian Biao Yu, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: To meet the requirements of super-high speed vitrified bond of CBN grinding wheel that should be low-melting, high strength and multi-foams,...


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