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Authors: Li Ping Zhang, Li Xin Guo

Abstract: In this paper, inverse pseudo excitation method for vehicle dynamic load identification is used. When the vehicle is in stationary random...

Authors: Chao Lu, Yong Lin Kang, Guo Ming Zhu, Ren Dong Liu, Li Lin

Abstract: The stretch-bend springback of dual phase steel DP590 was studied experimentally and numerically in this paper. The aim of this work is to...

Authors: X. F. Wu, G.A. Zhang

Abstract: The influence of Sn content on the microstructure and dry sliding wear behaviour of hypereutectic Al-20Si alloy was investigated. The...

Authors: Shan Dai, Jin Gang Qi, Zuo Fu Zhao, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: In the unmodified and EP-modified melt of Q235 steel, the solidification behavior including the nucleation and growth of crystals has been...

Authors: Wen Tao Guo, Guo Wei Chang, Shu Ying Chen, Ji Chao Wang

Abstract: The type, shape and distribution of inclusions in ductile cast iron were studied using a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the energy...

Authors: Xiao Lin Qiu, Guo Wei Chang, Shu Ying Chen, Jian Guo He

Abstract: The distinct images of molten steel droplets were obtained utilizing a home-made experimental equipment, and the method which measures the...

Authors: Shu Ying Chen, Guang Can Jin, Xu Dong Yue, Qing Chun Li, Guo Wei Chang

Abstract: Under the condition that the solid-liquid interface bends periodically in continuous casting, the expression of solid-phase growth rate...

Authors: Jian Guo He, Guo Wei Chang, Shu Ying Chen, Xiao Lin Qiu

Abstract: The carbon steel samples of great quality can not be melted using a high-temperature confocal scanning laser microscopy(HTCSLM). On account...

Authors: Qing Ren Xiong, Jun Liu, Jian Xun Zhang, Yao Rong Feng, Wen Zhen Zhao

Abstract: The fracture toughness of different zones of X100 SAWL pipe was studied by three-point bend test method under different temperature. At the...

Authors: Zhen Bin Zhang, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: The authors investigate the effect of electric pulse field (EPF) on the grain size of Pb-Sn alloy and conclude the optimization parameter of...


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