Advanced Measurement and Test

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Authors: De Zhi Zheng, Fei Wang, Ji Ying Shi, Hao Wang

Abstract: For its advantages of simple structure and low cost, turbine flow sensor has been widely applied in gas and liquid transportation and other...

Authors: Ling Jing Hu, Long Zheng Tong, Yun Yun Duan, Bo Wu

Abstract: Voxel-based morphometry method (VBM) has been widely applied to detect the brain atrophy and achieved promising results; however, the effect...

Authors: Jian Jun Hao, Zi Tao Liu, Qiang Jiang, Xiao Long Liang

Abstract: We propose a new method aiming at solving the volume measurement problem of the complex-shaped cavity of a workpiece. We first use machine...

Authors: Xue Mei Hou, Lei Yu, Zhi Bo Li, Zhu Ping Du, Bai You Lian

Abstract: Nowadays, the parallel system performance evaluation is the hot spot topic. It’s helpful to improve the parallel system performance to...

Authors: Ting Kai Nian, Zhong Kai Feng, Peng Cheng Yu, Hui Jun Wu

Abstract: This study is based on a typical residual soil landslide adjacent to Daxishan Reservior in Dalian city of China. By drilling the original...

Authors: Hong Dun Lin, Yen Shien Lee, Yu Jen Su, Bor Nian Chuang

Abstract: Clinically, basic physiological signal measurement, such as cardiovascular vibration and respiration motion detection, reveals important...

Authors: Gong Xian Wang, Yong Hu

Abstract: The capability to withstand non-contact underwater explosions (UNDEX) is an important aspect to be emphasized in the design of modern...

Authors: Xiao Ping Wen, Ming Gao Yu, Zhi Chao Liu, Wen Ce Sun, Li Gang Zheng

Abstract: In order to predict the effects of gas volume and mass inertia of explosion doors on overpressure for venting of gas explosion, a numerical...

Authors: Wei Liu, Ling Song He

Abstract: Loudness is one of the most important parameters of psychoacoustics. In the past, most loudness models were applicable only to steady...

Authors: Da Wang, Dong Rui Fan, Yu Hu

Abstract: This paper describes the low power test challenges and features of a multi-core processor, Godson-T, which contains 16 identical cores....


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