Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Geng Zhang, Jie Li

Abstract: The magnetic levitation system is nonlinear and inherently unstable. In order to improve its anti-interference performance and its loading...

Authors: Dong Hao, Bi Zhao Hui, Yi Yi Sun

Abstract: A new real time inversion method is proposed for calculating multi-wavelength laser atmospheric aerosol extinction coefficients’ profile....

Authors: Jing Shen Wang, Lei Jiang Yao, Li Zhang, Bin Li, Liu Ding Chen, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: An experimental study of low velocity impact (LVI) was carried out on 2D carbon fabric reinforced silicon carbide (C/SiC) ceramic matrix...

Authors: Yu Zhou, He Kun Guo, Guo Qi Wei, Yu Juan Zhang

Abstract: Core analysis is one of the most necessary means to recognize the geological characteristics of reservoirs. Recently, the oil and gas...

Authors: Li Hua Yuan, Guan Hua Wu, Ming Li

Abstract: Colorimetry is commonly used to measure the surface temperature as true one when the surface emissivity is constant. That is, the target is...

Authors: Yan Yan, Shuang He Yu, Zhen Qiang Yang, Jia Lu Du

Abstract: A finite-time speed tracking control for a permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is presented. The proposed control scheme depends on...

Authors: Zhi Zhen Zhang, Feng Gao, Xiao Ji Shang

Abstract: There are uncertainties such as randomicity, vagueness, gray, unsureness in the factors of comprehensive evaluation of rock burst risks due...

Authors: Feng Lin Sun, Sheng Wei Zhang, Yu Zhang, Jie Ying He

Abstract: Microwave emissions at various frequencies are known to contain information on atmospheric chemistry. Information about water vapor is of...

Authors: Qing Xin Zhang, Jin Li, Hai Bin Li, Chong Liu

Abstract: For the detection of the broken-bar fault of rotor in motors, a traditional method is frequency spectrum analysis for the stator current....

Authors: Qing Xin Zhang, Chong Liu, Qi Miao, Hai Bin Li, Jin Li

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the development process of energy-efficient of non-invasive motor for on-line monitoring system based on...


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