Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Li, Xuan Qu

Abstract: According to the heterogeneous of devices of process industry and the characteristics of embedded systems, this paper proposes a data...

Authors: Shan Hua Yao, Xian Liang Wu

Abstract: In this paper ,the mine tunnels is regard as wave-guide which contains kinds of un-beneficial medium, we have study the formulas of...

Authors: Jing Na Sun, Yong Xiao, Xiao Yu Ge, Xiao Yan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a cross-coupling synchronization controller is proposed to achieve a synchronous motion for high-precision positioning...

Authors: Jun Wei Wu, Ling Juan Miao, Yan Ji Wu

Abstract: The key design and implementation methods of Miniature 3-axial Fiber Optic Rate Sensor are described in detail. Based on plenty of...

Authors: Da Liang, Chang Chuan Lin, Guo Zhuan Xiao

Abstract: To improve the electric power quality has become an important issue in building an intelligent electric power grid. In this paper, the ARM...

Authors: Yong Gang Tian, Min Gang Wang, Ying Ping Fan

Abstract: The image matching recognition method of phase correlation is based on the shift characteristics of the Fourier transform. The traditional...

Authors: Hong Qiang Sun, Mei Yang, Wen Zhuo Zhang, Jing Sheng Yu

Abstract: Using photoelectric sensor collects two physical quantities, displacement and time of the experiment car. The signal realizes conditioning...

Authors: Qing Bao Wei

Abstract: The paper analyzes the rotor imbalance of cooling fan for the engine, and come to influence coefficient per unit quality. We can easy count...

Authors: Yuan Liang Zhang, Yan Gao, Peng Sen Jiang, Hai Yang Xu

Abstract: The design philosophy of non-invasive has been introduced in motors monitoring system, in which used air-gap torque to measure efficiency....

Authors: Chao Wei, Chu Jing Shen, Shi Hua Yuan

Abstract: Analysis Methods of Power characteristics for hydraulic pressing of the traction drive device are studied. The operating principle of...


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