Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chih Yang Chao, Shih Chun Yang, Yi Wen Guo, Chai Song Yieng, Ting Jian Liao

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to explore the Brake Assist System of automobile overhaul competence indicators. Literature review,...

Authors: Zheng Qi Tian, Zhen Hua Li, Yue Tong

Abstract: With the development of power system, Conventional current transformers (CTs) show a growing number of shortcomings. For better...

Authors: Jun Lu, Hai Xin Zou, Lie Shen, Xiang Jun Zou

Abstract: Rigid tapping of NC Tapping center is an electromechanical control system which is strongly nonlinear, uncertain and difficult to precise...

Authors: Feng Jun Zhou, Cheng Lin, Jin Rui Nan, Gang Wang, Wan Ke Cao

Abstract: Pure electric bus control strategies and methods have an important effect on performance of the bus. The pure electric buses vehicle driving...

Authors: Deng Hua Li, Feng Zhou, Xi Bao Wu

Abstract: The basic working principle and the two-position north-seeking method based on single-axis FOG(fiber optic gyroscope) is researched in this...

Authors: Cheng Zhe Li, Deng Hua Li, Shuang Zhai, Jin Ao Li

Abstract: For the problem of higher transverse sensitivity ratio of the cymbal piezoelectric vibration acceleration sensors, a mathematical model of...

Authors: Shuang Zhai, Deng Hua Li, Xi Bao Wu, Cheng Zhe Li

Abstract: Because the nonlinear and strong coupling characteristics of brushless DC motor, the classical PI controller can not control it easily. In...

Authors: Xing Cheng Zhang, Mao Kui Li, Jian Qiang Liu, Yun Xu Fu

Abstract: This paper presented an integrated measurement platform for piezoelectric transformer based on virtual instruments. Programmable signal...

Authors: Xiao Qing Yuan, Qing Wang, Yu Bin Xia, Jing Song, Sen Lin

Abstract: The pore structure of soil plays a decisive role in its engineering properties. In order to investigate the consolidation effect and pore...

Authors: Fan Mao Meng, Jian Feng Wan, Hai Xia Li

Abstract: This paper studies the waste heat utilization device for the coal gangue brick tunnel kiln. The heat transfer mode of the waste heat...


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