Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Hai Gao, Jian Guo, Hsin Guan, Yi Liang Dong, Yan Juan Qiao

Abstract: Through the analysis of vehicle dynamic and characteristic and vehicle-road environment, the ESP stability boundary can be easily...

Authors: Shu Wang Chen

Abstract: Photoelectric detection technology is a kind of new technology of non-contact measure, and it is one of the most important means and methods...

Authors: Shu Wang Chen, Dong Mi, Zhang Sui Xu

Abstract: A short time high power pulse is stimulated by the LC circuit. Through a send winding, the electromagnetic guided wave signals transmit in...

Authors: Shi Rong Ai, Rui Mei Wu, Lin Yuan Yan, Yan Hong Wu

Abstract: This study discussed the feasibility of taste quality evaluation for green tea infusion using electronic tongue. Chemistry evaluation was...

Authors: Yuan Wang, Da Xi Liu, Mei Ting Ju, Zhao Hui Jin, Tie Long Li

Abstract: On the basis of a large number of continuous monitoring experiments for the five-line salinity of seawater, and the uncertainty of natural...

Authors: Chi Hsiang Lin

Abstract: DC motor driven systems include both the electrical and mechanical parts, leading to parameters changes because of interactions. An example...

Authors: Shann Chyi Mou

Abstract: In this paper, the characters of the 4-9-9-14 piezoelectric actuator would be analyzed, and the fuzzy controller is designed to control the...

Authors: Shann Chyi Mou

Abstract: Traditionally, the first step to analyze the steady-state error of nonunity feedback control system is to convert the system into an...

Authors: Zhao Huang, Han Xiang Cheng

Abstract: Permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) are appealing candidates for many high-performance applications such as robotics, machine tools...

Authors: Ming Hua Cao, Hai Yan Chen, Hui Qin Wang, Wei Fang Wang

Abstract: The conventional methods for pika observation and investigation are costly both in material resources and manpower, moreover these...


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