Advanced Measurement and Test

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Authors: Chi Hsiang Lin

Abstract: BDCM/ LBDCM driven systems include both the electrical and mechanical parts. So there is a gap for students of electrical engineering...

Authors: Hua Li, Fang Liu

Abstract: This paper uses ANSYS 10.0 software to analyze and calculate electromagnetic field of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator(PMSG)....

Authors: Jian Hua Cheng, Li Xin Tang

Abstract: The calibration of the internal and external parameters of each camera is a crucial step for free-form surface measurement based on stereo...

Authors: Li Xin Xia, Qian Zhao Lei

Abstract: We propose a scheme for realizing quantum three-qubit phase gate operation, in a three-mode cavity where the large detuned cavity-mode...

Authors: Li Xin Xia, Qian Zhao Lei

Abstract: In this paper, we design a super-stable optical interferometer with multi-pass. By using single photon to estimate an unknown phase, our...

Authors: Ji Meng Zhang, Hong Shuo Wang, Ben De Gan

Abstract: In the automatic control system of industrial field, the production process monitoring and control process is dependent on Mutual...

Authors: Jun Hong Su, Wen Bo Wan, Li Hong Yang, Jun Qi Xu

Abstract: Interferogram processing is one of main techniques in optical interferometry metrology. Modern interferometry for thin-film thickness has...

Authors: Mei Sa Pang, Deng Hua Li, Jun Fang Fan, Xue Fei Li

Abstract: The static stability of missile pitching movement is one of the important performances in guidance and control systems. In this paper, a...

Authors: Qing Qiang Hou, Yong Mei Huang, Zhi Liang Zhang, Bin Sun

Abstract: In practical application, some flowmeters are not allowed to be calibrated off-line periodically, thus on-line calibration is necessary to...

Authors: Yan Li, Fang Feng, Sheng Mao Li, Wen Qiang Tian, Kotaro Tagawa

Abstract: Icing on blade surface of the wind turbine set in cold regions is a serious problem. To invest the mechanism of icing and ice accretion on...


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