Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

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Authors: Xiang Zheng Xu, Wei Wan

Abstract: This paper introduces the characteristics of the traction power system of electric railway, and explores the harms to the power system...

Authors: Qing Quan Liu, Wei Dai, Xiao Wei Tang

Abstract: Airborne cloud liquid water content (CLWC) sensors have been used in weather observation and weather modification for years. However,...

Authors: He Huang, Zhi Fu Zhu

Abstract: Guidance law The optimal direct-impact guidance law for space-based anti-missile of ballistic missile in boost phase is considered. First...

Authors: Feng Lv, T. Luan, C. H. Zhang

Abstract: This paper discusses the principle of SPWM, as well as its mathematical models, highlight introduce the generation principle of SPWM wave...

Authors: Hao Ran Li, Jun Hong Su, Ai Ming Ge, Li Hong Yang

Abstract: Interference image processing is the key technology of optical interference measurement. This paper introduced the problems on automatic...

Authors: Gang Li, Xi Long Che

Abstract: Power line carrier, which was one of communication styles, had lots of merits, such as without dedicated data lines or modified the layout...

Authors: Xiao Xiao Tong, Yong Gang Yuan, Li Gang Wu, Shuai Wei Liang, Ming Hui Lin, Li Jun Ma, Peng Liu, Tie Feng Xu

Abstract: In recent years, more attention is given to solar blind ultraviolet (SBUV) detection in corona discharge detection and defect diagnosis of...

Authors: Li Ping Su, Wei Jiang Zhao, De Ming Ren, Shu Yan Chen

Abstract: Simple lidar detecting wake profiles based on laser backscattering by wake bubbles at 180° is firstly introduced. Then the various noises of...

Authors: Yang Wang, Jin Huang, De Feng Wu, Zi Ma

Abstract: In this study, a calibration method to determine the coordinate transformation between the robot tool and the external axle worktable based...

Authors: Shi Bin Yang, Ming Jiang Hu

Abstract: To counter the influencing emission of the diesel engine by the EGR rate, the emission model of the diesel engine was set up by combining...


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