Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Xin Li

Abstract: PVC filled with carbon black (CB) composition were prepared by a conventional melt-mixing method. The effects of CB on the...

Authors: Yan Xiang Fu, Wei Zhong Zhao, Hui Fang Ma

Abstract: Data clustering has been received considerable attention in many applications, such as data mining, document retrieval, image segmentation...

Authors: Li Ying Jiang, Li Jie Ren, Qing Hua Chen, Guang Zhao Cui

Abstract: According to the relationship of glucose content in diabetes saliva and blood, the biosensor for detecting saliva glucose was introduced...

Authors: Wang Yuan, Gang Yi Jiang, Yi Gang Wang, Mei Yu, Feng Shao, Zong Ju Peng

Abstract: Camera calibration is one of the key technologies of Computer Vision. This paper presented a microscope camera calibration method based on...

Authors: Qiao Chen, Li Jie Wang, Stephen Westland

Abstract: Spectral images contain a large volume of data and place considerable demands on computer hardware and software compared with standard...

Authors: Jing Jing Liang, Jing Min Gao, Wei Xin Ling

Abstract: This Paper Proposes a Kind of High-Speed Hardware Implementation Method by the Adaptive Equalizer (LMS Equalizer) Based on MSE Criteria....

Authors: Fei Hu, Wen Qing Yin, Cai Rong Chen

Abstract: The Greenhouse Temperature Is one of the Key Factors for Controlling the Growth of Crops. Traditional Methods of Temperature Monitoring Can...

Authors: Cheng Gen Dong, Jin Pei Wu, Qi Shan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the mass events of telecommunication network are researched, the none fault events reduction method and repeat events...

Authors: Cheng Gen Dong, Jin Pei Wu, Qi Shan Zhang

Abstract: Telecommunications network fault location process of the root cause is the fault diagnosis process, there are mature products in general is...

Authors: Wei Deng, Ming Lu, Guo Liang Lu, Zhong Qing Cui, Xiao Qiang Yang

Abstract: To overcome the difficulty of field fault diagnosis in the complicated circumstance of construction machinery, the distributed expert system...


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