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Authors: Xiang Xia, Shi Kun Xie
New Functional Materials
Abstract:We preliminary know FS powder and coal dust play in mix sand and analysis comparison influence of each powder through a series of mixture...
Authors: Fei Zhou, Jing Zheng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Quaternary ammonium compounds, Couple, Cotton fiber, Antibacterial activity. Abstract. a gemini-type quaternary ammonium compound with a...
Authors: Guo Hua Chen, Wen Jun Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Strontium barium niobate-based glass-ceramics are prepared by melt-casting followed by controlled crystallization. Results show that...
Authors: Halidan Mamat
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A novel cellulose-based oil absorbent crosslinked cellulose-dibutyl sebacate copolymers was prepared by the graft crosslinking polymerization...
Authors: Kun Yuan, Xiao Fang Wang, Yuan Cheng Zhu, Guo Fang Zuo
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A novel thermo-responsive microsphere-sized poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAm) composite hydrogels were prepared by gelation of poly(vinyl...
Authors: Jing Bai, Bao Xue Zhou, Jin Hua Li, Wei Min Cai
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Transparent and highly ordered titania nanotube arrays (TNAs) film electrode was synthesized by anodization from the sputtered titanium (Ti)...
Authors: Fang You Hu, Ai Yong Cui, Bin Hu, Peng Fei Fu, Pei Zhong Zhao, Chang Liang Lu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:To improve the wear-resistance of Ti600, and alleviate thermal stress as well under hyperthermal and excessive temperature difference...
Authors: Li Ling Guo, Xing Li, Han Xing Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The new functional material, the hybrids with molecular formula...
Authors: Xi Mei Liu, Yu Hu, Li Hua Feng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:An efficient and practical protocol for the preparation of 1,3-diallyloxy-2-propanol has been developed by one-pot reaction between...
Authors: Yong Gang Wang, Yu Jiang Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Pure phase Mn-doped Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 crystals were successfully synthesized by a hydrothermal method. Magnetic...
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