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Authors: Ying Li Gao, Ling Cheng
Structure Materials
Abstract:Cement based composite cementitious material containing steel slag used in road has been prepared to deal with the current situation that the...
Authors: Jing Fu Jia, Wei He
Structure Materials
Abstract:To choose the suitable heat insulating material for refrigerated cargo hold shipboard of fishing vessel, a steady state three-dimensional...
Authors: Chien Chuan Cheng, Re Ching Lin, Wei Tsai Chang, Ying Chung Chen, Kuo Sheng Kao, Chung Jen Chung
Structure Materials
Abstract:We had investigated the electromechanical coupling coefficient (K2) of surface acoustic wave (SAW) on proton-exchanged (PE) and...
Authors: Peng Mi, Sen Liang, Sarah Zhang
Structure Materials
Abstract:Embedded and co-cured composite damping structure is a novel damping processing structure, which possesses excellent damping properties and...
Authors: Yong Sheng Li, Xiao Ling Cheng, Yan Zhou Yu
Structure Materials
Abstract:Microstructure formation under the applied strain for the alloys with different shear modulus and anisotropy were studied using the...
Authors: Li Mei Ma, Jian Yong Li, Wen Sheng Xu, Ding Lei Wang
Structure Materials
Abstract:In Reconfigurable machine tools (RMTs), the reconfiguration only occurs at the mechanical interface system composed of mechanical modules,...
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Bin Bin Li, Mamtimin Geni
Structure Materials
Abstract:Due to the limitations of dimension and experiment cost, the reliability analysis of PSSS (Periodic Symmetric Struts Support ) mainly depend...
Authors: Ho Chang, Zi How Kuo, Kuang Chung Tsai, Tien Li Chen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The study explores the effects of the flame-retardant properties of nano-particles on water-based fire-retardant coatings, which include the...
Authors: Kyung Mo Koo, Gyu Yong Kim, Hiroyuki Miyauchi, Yeon Woo Kang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The early-age properties and relationships between hydration heat and autogenous shrinkage in high-strength mass concrete are investigated...
Authors: Hong Lin He, Jun Ping Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In order to enhance the electromechanical characteristics of IPMCs actuators under low voltage, a set of anisotropic membrane surface...
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