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Authors: Kun Zhang, Yu Su Song, De Huan Zhong, Zhen Hai Shao, Li Qing Zhou
Thin Films
Abstract:Several rust-transforming reagents based on phosphating technology were studied. The reagents respectively contained potassium ferrocyanide,...
Authors: Gu Qing Xiao, Xue Jun Zhang
Thin Films
Abstract:A novel water-compatible hypercrosslinked resin modified by p-aminophenol was synthesized with chloromethylated polystyrene and p-aminophenol...
Authors: Hua Ming Wang, Han Xing Zhao, Yong Jia Dai, Xiao Song Rui
Structure Materials
Abstract:Hot works is an important method for fairing the ship steel plate to improve the quality of shipbuilding, while the mechanical performance of...
Authors: Jian Jun Li, Bin Yu, Wu Ping Chen
Structure Materials
Abstract:Traditional Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) uses single search strategy and is difficult to balance the global search with local search,...
Authors: Zeng Ju Wei, Shan Pang
Structure Materials
Abstract:Planar mechanism is the basic structure of mechanical products which are used most widely. The motion of mechanism is based on constraints....
Authors: Shu Zhi Zhang, Fan Tao Kong, Yu Yong Chen, Shu Long Xiao, Chao Cao
Structure Materials
Abstract:Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb-Y alloy pancake were produced by hot-pack forging. The microstructure of as-forged Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb-Y alloy were investigated...
Authors: Yong Cun Zhang, Qing Ning Li
Structure Materials
Abstract:This paper will focus on developing a sort of concrete shrinkage-reducing agents that are generally some surfactants on the basis of some...
Authors: Hong Yu Lin
Structure Materials
Abstract:Based on the total strain crack constitutive model and the available testing data, finite element model on three trusses were established by...
Authors: Ya Wen Du, Hong Yu Lin
Structure Materials
Abstract:Finite element analysis on three trusses was carried out in order to study the performance of combined truss with steel tube and concrete...
Authors: Qing Ye
Structure Materials
Abstract:Based on accelerated carbonation test, the variation of the carbonation resistance of ordinary concrete (C40 grade) with early age wet curing...
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