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Authors: Xing Guang Dong
Thin Films
Abstract:This paper has studied heat sealable properties of biaxially oriented polyester film modified by isophthalic acid(IPA) and neopentyl glycol...
Authors: Hui Chong Zhang, Zhan Chang Pan, Guang Hui Hu, Zhi Gang Wei, Chu Min Xiao, Shi Rong Chen, Zhu Liang Li, Jian Feng Deng
Thin Films
Abstract:As a simple and useful approach, vapor-phase photografting acrylic acid was used to modify the surface of PET films. Catalyst of silver...
Authors: Sheng Yong Chen, Qiu Guan, Lan Lan Li, Wei Huang, Li Yong Qian
Thin Films
Abstract:For three-dimensional mechanical design and reverse engineering in manufacturing, point clouds are obtained from some scanners before they...
Authors: Hao Liang Sun, Ming Wei
Thin Films
Abstract:Tantalum (Ta) thin film was deposited onto Si (100) substrates using direct-current magnetron sputtering. The structure and mechanical...
Authors: Guo Ning Liu, Hua Dong Zhao, He Zheng Wang, Jing Ru Dong, Ming Hao Zhao
Thin Films
Abstract:Polyester textiles usually have excellent mechanical properties. However, their mechanical behaviors under extreme conditions such as in the...
Authors: Yang He, Jun Ming Hong
Thin Films
Abstract:In this study, a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) ultrafiltration (UF) membrane was modified by dispersing nano-sized ZnO particles in a PVDF...
Authors: Yan Jun Ma, Xiu Min Fan, Shuang Jie Yue, Gang Dong
Thin Films
Abstract:Improving working performance of cone crusher contributes to developing cone crusher of new style, high efficiency, energy saving and...
Authors: Hao Liang Sun, Ming Wei
Thin Films
Abstract:Stress migration behaviors in Tungsten (W) films were investigated according to morphological characteristics and residual stress analysis....
Authors: Zhen Yu Wu, Qing Ze Lin, Xu Dong Hu
Thin Films
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to examine the role of airflow on fiber’s strength under different inlet pressure. A two-parameter numerical...
Authors: Tae Gyu Lee, Gyu Yong Kim, Young Sun Kim, Gyu Yeon Park
Thin Films
Abstract:This research effort aims to evaluate the mechanical properties of concrete with two aggregate type, light weight and normal weight at...
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