Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Yan Jie Zhao, Chang Wang, Tong Yu Liu, Yu Bin Wei, Yan Fang Li, Ting Ting Zhang, Ying Shang

Abstract: An optical fiber remote multiplexed sensing system of methane is designed based on the methane absorption spectroscopy characteristic, by...

Authors: Dan Gao, Zheng Li, Dong Fang Jiang, Lin Wei Ma, Pei Liu, San Gao Hu

Abstract: Natural gas plays an important role in industry, transportation and electric power. The first of all problems to solve is to ensure energy...

Authors: Shu Sen Gui, Hai Lin Mu, Nan Li

Abstract: This paper analyzes and evaluates the oil price change on effects of China’s general price level and economic sectors’ price level by...

Authors: Hong Jia Fei, Guo Hua Yang

Abstract: This paper highlights currently excellent metal oxides used for hot gas desulfurization (HGD). Due to the different desulfurization...

Authors: Ali Baniyounes, Gang Liu, M. G. Rasul, M. M. K. Khan

Abstract: In Australia the future demand for energy is predicted to increase rapidly. Conventional energy resources soaring prices and environmental...

Authors: Hong Jun Jia, Rong Rong Wan

Abstract: This study aims to explore the impacts of Land use/cover change (LUCC) on storm-runoff by simulating two typical flood events for five land...

Authors: Zun Jie Hu, Li Ming, Ji Yao Li, Xing Yu Hou, Ming Guang Sun

Abstract: This systematic study of the red mud dam and the formation of cracks in the mechanism, and summarize a variety of cracks in the dam...

Authors: Wen Zhong Xu, Yan Hua Cheng, Wan Zheng Zhang

Abstract: This paper carries the study on the accessibility analysis method of loop-pipe-network with multi-gas-source. For the unreasonableness of...

Authors: Adama Yousif, Xu Zeng, Fang Ming Jin, Yan Fang

Abstract: In this paper, an efficient method for producing lactic acid from glucose with nickel as a catalyst under hydrothermal conditions has been...

Authors: Pei Jie Zhang, Kei Fei Song

Abstract: The focus of this paper is a review on the recent development of passive dynamic walking. Passive dynamic walkers are introduced, from the...


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