Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Yang, Hua Xue, Yu Fei Wang

Abstract: Supercapacitors have characteristics of high power density, long life, and quick charging and discharging. DC-DC converter can be used for...

Authors: Jen Jung Hsu, Ming Chang Wu

Abstract: Sodium chloride was used as main component for production of electrolytic water in this study. Washing treatment by using the electrolytic...

Authors: Ru Tong Zhang, Rong Yi Niu, Yang Yang, Fang Yang

Abstract: This thesis proposes the construction of the electric vehicle battery-swap station after a comparision of energy supply models between...

Authors: Liang Liang Chen, Ming Wu, Hao Zhang, Xiao Hua Ding, Jin Da Zhu

Abstract: The energy supply infrastructures construction is the prerequisite and basis for the large-scale promotion and application of electric...

Authors: Yong Biao Yang, Xiao Hua Ding, Jin Da Zhu

Abstract: Development of EV is an important means which optimize chinese energy supply structure and break security strategy of energy.As the state...

Authors: Jun Liu, Zhen Bin Chen, Ming Wei Xiao, Sheng Jun Jiang

Abstract: To meet demands for improvements in the CO,NOx and smoke intensity and fuel economy from diesel engine,the emulsified diesel fuel are choose...

Authors: Peng Yu Chen, Chao Heng Tseng, Yen Kuang Lin, Yi Hsuan Shih, Yu Ling Chen

Abstract: The "Air Resource Co-benefits (ARCoB) Model" was developed in this study to integrated the health benefits from the reduction of criteria...

Authors: Heng Chen Liu, Wei Hua Zeng

Abstract: This paper describes current auto industry's advanced low-carbon technologies at home and abroad, including engine emission reduction...

Authors: Yi Yun Tu, Rong Hu, Can Li, Lin Cheng, Lin Le

Abstract: Evaluating the possible impact on power system of a large number of electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming of great interest. With the...

Authors: Li Juan Chen, Xiao Hui Xu, Zhi Yin

Abstract: The objective of study on the interactive coordinated control system (ICCS) is to meet the demand of V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) application. The...


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