Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Guo, Da Kang Zhong, Yu Lin Wang, Yan Chun Zhong

Abstract: Through the research on actual measurement 106km geological profile, the hydrocarbon source rocks mainly develop the third member of...

Authors: Zong Bao Liu, He Bi

Abstract: According to the theory of reservoir architectural structure and sedimentology, applied the hierarchy analysis, pattern guidance and...

Authors: Yue Sheng Nan, Jia Qin Zhou, Chang Qiang Li, Yi Bo Meng, Ying Wang, Xue Jiao Chen

Abstract: Shijiazhuang is an important industrial city in China,and it is also one of the cities of extremely water scarcity. With the rapid...

Authors: Ka Long Ringo Ng, Zai Yi Liao

Abstract: To identify potential energy savings and improvements to thermal comfort in the Canadian residential sector, a survey on occupant behaviour...

Authors: Cheng Ma, Wei Xuan Fang

Abstract: With the rapid economic development in China, the domestic copper demand grows sustainedly and drives the continual expansion of China...

Authors: Jie Feng, En Ke Hou, Nian Dong Deng, Gong She Ma, Xi Min Li

Abstract: In the light of more and more serious water hazard problems in Huangling mining area, according to analyze the hydrogeology condition and...

Authors: Ling Yang, Zhi Dong Bao, Peng Fei Hou, Yi Jing Du, Bao Lei Liu

Abstract: Through analysis on oil and gas accumulation characteristics, the vertical and horizontal distributions of reservoirs were summarized and...

Authors: Peng Hui Zhang, Jin Liang Zhang, Shan Zhang Wang

Abstract: The insulating layer and interlayer are the main factors to form the heterogeneity in the Continental reservoir. According to the reservoir...

Authors: Hong Yan Yu, Hong Qi Li

Abstract: As the result of its special structural feature and depositional setting, Ordos Basin formed large scale low-permeability reservoir....


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