Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Hua Zhao, Jin Hui Dong, Ying Chen Zhang, Min Cong Zhu, Deng Xin Li

Abstract: Expanded graphite (EG) was prepared by microwave irradiation at 1000 w for 60 s. It is a novel adsorbent for Pb (Ⅱ) adsorption. This paper...

Authors: Zhi Bing He, Wu Dong, Ying Fan

Abstract: Many factors may affect array induction log, including skin effect. In this paper, according to relative formula deduced, a correction...

Authors: Cong Jun Feng, Zhi Dong Bao, Ying Wang

Abstract: In the case of Fourth Member of Quantou Formation (K1q4) in Well X5-16 of Fuyu Oilfield, it integrates the theory of...

Authors: Fu Ping Liu, An Ling Wang, Ming Chang Zhang

Abstract: With the help of the transmission line measure method of formation resistivity through casing, we have presented a calculated approach of...

Authors: Zhi Feng Guo, Zhen Liu, Da Zhi Fang, Lu Lin, Jie Chen

Abstract: Mechanisms of overpressure generation is key issue for fluid dynamics and hydrocarbon accumulation in sedimentary basin exploration. The...

Authors: Ting Xiong, Zhen Liu, Zhi Long Huang, Xiao Hua Xiong, Lu Qing

Abstract: Taking the Q area in Zhunger Basin for example, reservoirs and traps in the subwater fan in WuTonggou Formation can be identified by...

Authors: Shi Zhen Li, De Wu Qiao

Abstract: Unconventional natural gas because of a huge amount of resources has been received extensive attention in the world. Based on the present...

Authors: Zhao Xiang Han, Gui Quan Han, Zhang Meng, Chun Xia Lv

Abstract: This study was aimed at obtaining detailed information about the interaction of NaCl salinity and elevated atmospheric CO2...

Authors: Yan Wang, Jun Lin

Abstract: The mine prospecting has been entered into the key stage of “overcoming depth and finding blind” in our country at present. This article...

Authors: Chuan Ming Li

Abstract: The abutment stress results from the load coming from overlying strata above the influence range of abutment stress and the load which...


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