Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Cheng Liu, Qiu Xia Li, Yong Cheng Liu

Abstract: The purpose of this work was to investigated the carbothermic reaction of fluorapatite process by the means of thermodynamics analyses, XRD...

Authors: Zhi Lin Liu, Xiao Wen Zhou

Abstract: According to the nature of a polymetallic ore and on the basis of the main separation of the molybdenum minerals, the low-grade bismuth,...

Authors: Li Ming Hu, Shi Bao Dong, Xuan Min Li, Xiao Dong Ouyang

Abstract: This document explains the pollution source from gas stations, including fuel evaporation, leak of fuel and discharge of waste water from...

Authors: Jiang An Chen, Jun Liu, Xian Ping Luo

Abstract: The paper researched on hematite’s characteristic of process mineralogy in Fengyang Anhui province. The chemical compositions of the ore...

Authors: De Wei Chen, Xiao Ling Ge, Quen Tin Shi, Jiu Wang Tian

Abstract: Using scanning electron microscope, the microscopic pictures of the surface on sediment have been obtained from the sub-micron titanium...

Authors: Deng Gao Ji, Yang Hui Cai, Xu Long Guo, Su Qin Peng, Shuang Guo Wei

Abstract: There are lots of problems in coal flotation reagents. For example, it was difficult to disperse in coal pulp, it needs a large consumption,...

Authors: Xiu Ming Hu, Rui Chen Ren, Cai Xia Li

Abstract: The status of coking coal resources and the utilization of the middlings of coking coal are analyzed in this paper, and the necessity and...

Authors: Chao Guo, Hui Wang, Jian Gang Fu, Kai Da Chen

Abstract: Orthogonal test was carried out to investigate effects of multiple factors during the magnetization roasting-magnetic separation process as...

Authors: Jiang An Chen, Jun Liu

Abstract: Recovering gold form arsenic bearing gold mine through floatation has always been an important research subject, the gold ore contains 2.40...

Authors: Wei Wei Xie, Lan Hong He, Jia Wang, Xiao Wei He

Abstract: This paper introduced a newly developed coal flotation collector ZFC and its flotation characteristics for Shanxi three different coal...


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