Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Quan Yang, Rui Wang, Hai Rong Fu, Xiao Shi Zhang

Abstract: Acidizing radius design is an important determinative factor for the economic benefit of acidizing. According to theoretical derivation on...

Authors: Yi Cao, Xiang An Yue, Shu Ran Yang

Abstract: JYC polymer microsphere emulsion was synthesized by inverse emulsion polymerization. In order to explore the expansion mechanism of polymer...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Zhi Ping Li, Yu Wang

Abstract: The steam flooding is one common way used to enhance oil recovery of heavy oil reservoir. It is difficult to use conventional treatment on...

Authors: Ping Hua Ma, Hong Fu Fan, Ke Li

Abstract: As one of the most important reservoir parameters, irreducible water saturation, Swir, is a key parameter in evaluating...

Authors: Zhao Qi Fan, Lin Song Cheng, Fu Dai, Jian Shen

Abstract: Polymer microsphere is a deep profile control agent which has been developed in recent years. Microsphere’s excellently elastic property...

Authors: Hua Jie Liu, Yu Huan Bu, Fei Li

Abstract: In view of the complicated issue that how to improve the cementing quality of the second interface in cementing engineering, experimental...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Tian Tai Li, Xi Feng Zhang

Abstract: High density brine drilling fluid has been widely applied in the high pressure and complex oil and gas fields. Effectively controlling high...

Authors: Yu Kun Du, Rui He Wang, Hong Jian Ni

Abstract: The technical problems existing in deep well drilling are becoming more and more predominant during the exploration and development of...

Authors: Shan Fa Tang, Xiao Dong Hu, Xiang Nan Ouyang, Shuang Xi Yan, Shou Cheng Wen, Yan Ling Lai

Abstract: The oil-water interfacial tension measurement and enhancing water displacement recovery experiment were carried out, and the effects of...

Authors: Ya Hong Wu, Hui Yang

Abstract: Limited entry fracturing technique is an effective method to stimulate low-permeability reservoirs. Especially for thin-interbedded...


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