Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Mei Liu, Geoffrey Michael Evans, Qing Lin He

Abstract: Film flotation is a process which consumes much lower energy than mechanical cells. The extended film flotation technique is to separate...

Authors: Chun Hong Xu

Abstract: Exhaustion of high-grade magnetite resources and large demand for iron ore in the rapidly developing steel industry promotes the mining...

Authors: Li Mei Sun, Jiang Wu

Abstract: The effect of microbiological treatment of low-rank coal with an anaerobic microbial consortium on theirs characteristics and composition...

Authors: Bin Wang, Ping Ke Yan, Yu Juan Gao

Abstract: Thermal composition of low temperature water is taken as way in the text, with the MgSO4•7H2O and NH4HCO3...

Authors: Ming Yuan Zhou, Li Fan, Xiu Li Li, Chang Wen Ma

Abstract: The paper elaborates on the operating principle and technical features of the thermo-compression drying process, the kinetics involved in...

Authors: Lin Li, Xian Jun Lu, Jun Qiu, Peng Li

Abstract: This paper adopts sedimentation experiment to study the sedimentation process of one molybdenum ore flotation tailings and to investigate...

Authors: Hui Hui Kou, Wei Dong Liu, Dong Dong Hou, Ling Hui Sun

Abstract: Ultra-low permeability shale reservoir require a large fracture network to maximal well performance. In conventional reservoirs and tight...

Authors: Chuan Xie, Ling Ling He, Bing Lin

Abstract: Autonomous navigation research in the process of drilling has been a very challenging advanced topic and it requires the drill pole must...

Authors: Shi Bao Yuan

Abstract: The construction of offshore oil and gas development platform is a system engineering with enormous cost, in order to make rational use of...

Authors: Xiao Juan Liu, Rui Huang, Rui He Wang

Abstract: Due to deposition sequence, reservoir can be approximately considered as formation vertically consisting of many small layers with different...


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