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Authors: Jun Ling Hou
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:In background of the geological engineering and the mining technical conditions of ZhangJi coal mine 17258 fully-mechanized face and rail...
Authors: Guang Zhu Cao, Yi Qiang, Feng Li
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:In present,a series of uniaxial compressive experiments on sandstone samples have been conducted in the laboratory by using jointed devices...
Authors: Zi Wen Dong, Qing Jie Qi, Nan Hu, Chang Fu Xu, Hui Niu
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:In the case of gas radial flowing in layer-though boring, use the method of draining water gathering gas measured the Gas flow of borehole...
Authors: Xiao Ren Mei
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Heidaigou Surface Coal Mine (HSCM) is a large surfaces coal mine that first uses the throwing blasting - dragline stripping technology. Lots...
Authors: Xi Cheng Zhang, Zhong Cheng Qin, Qing Hai Li, Ning Zhang
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Given the particularity and the first time for shallow thinner seam mining in Shendong mining area, the overlying strata movement law during...
Authors: Zhong Ping Guo, Jia Li Qi, Hui Qiang Duan
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:The gob-side entry retaining technology can be used to not only solve the problem of intensity in successive mining but also reduce the...
Authors: Zhong Ping Guo, Shan Chao Hu, Zhi Gao Zhang
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:The size of the fully mechanized caving face is optimized by theoretical analysis and the dip length of the face is determined as 260m. With...
Authors: Pei Zhang, Qing Xiang Huang
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Under the basis of the “arch” failure of thick sand layer in preliminary period in shallow seam through field experiment, arch math model is...
Authors: Cui Jia, Yu Lin Wang, Xu Yang, Mi Shan Zhong, Nan Yan
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:This paper takes gas as a geological-mass to study, using gas geology theory, by analysising the geological conditions of Yongju mine in...
Authors: Jin Jun Wu, Xiao San Chu, Li Cai Liu, Guo Hua Zhao
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:In China, the coal gas formation is characterized as low permeability, low pressure and low water saturation. The coal bed methane (CBM) has...
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